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Why Crypto culture is so cringe?

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Daily Discussion - January 28, 2022 (GMT+0)

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America COMPETES Act of 2022 and the announcement of the CBDC plus Bidens upcoming executive order

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Daily Discussion - January 27, 2022 (GMT+0)

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  1. Bummer, I lost my keys... airplane accident. How to communicate this to the IRS?

  2. ask if the cars on the road are on rails or not. spoiler: they are

  3. I saw many of them didn't have the wheels on the road... they were floating

  4. Perhaps it would have been possible if they didn't also want it to have next gen graphics. Wrong priorities imo.

  5. Hmm yeah. Maybe it's a good case study for the erm, future (pun intended).

  6. eh not really. assets go up as long as people by them. use case or not, if people buy, price goes up

  7. Yeah I tried that for a while and stopped. Now I'm focused on buying more actual gold.

  8. Please copy paywalled articles into the comments.

  9. A teacher who revealed her hack to feel safer in her classroom by using hockey pucks as a deterrent for a potential active school shooting has sparked a debate over the state of gun safety in America.

  10. Half of the moons earned to buy membership will be redistributed to the next snapshot/distribution

  11. Maybe a permanent burn idk for sure.

  12. News doesn't actually affect the market, but will be used by market makers to pump or tank it in order to screw the long and short orders by retail traders. People get emotionally manipulated while they make money all the way up and all the way down.

  13. Hadn’t looked at XLM in a while. Damn what a shame.

  14. It's a good project. Decentralized and a coin a lot of people actually use. Lives up to what it's called - a crypto currency.

  15. BTC got rejected at 38k again.

  16. I've got a few billion I can spare. Just meet me at the Olympus Mons recreational base and I'll give it to you.

  17. I am living in a cardboard box in Seattle that I got for the cheap price of $300,000, with my pet mice, wondering how someone’s pride would allow them to spew unintelligible lies on the web.

  18. You are naive, not to a fault, for over thinking it. Compensation and being paid aren’t legally the same thing. Reddit chooses to say they do not pay mods because they aren’t required to list mods as employees at that point. A company offering a discount to a customer who did them a favor is compensation but not pay. Had a customer been paid in an exchange they would have to be considered an employee or contractor, which then requires tax forms and shit. Dude outside a coffee shop sees some trash and picks it up, the shop owner says “hey man, thanks, have a cup of coffee. That was a big help.”, and they both continue on.

  19. Haha. So why are the moderators of this sub one of the only ones being monetarily compensated?

  20. That’s the thing. They aren’t being “monetarily” compensated. “Moons have no value” from a legal stand point of Reddit. You have to swap Moons for something else and then cash that out to FIAT. So Reddit is legally in the clear as far as things go. Mods are not employees or contractors and thusly not legally bound together with Reddit should anything happen.

  21. Are you sure that the argument you're making will hold up in a court of law? You can twist things around, but the legal system is probably not going to accept such excuses.

  22. It really doesn't seem okay. What about the volatility of the collateralised asset? What about QE and the debasement of USD?

  23. You didn't understand why I used 'would'. It was a theoretical based on the DXY trajectory.

  24. Inflation will get worse, but USD wouldn't go to zero. If the value currency were to go zero (or near zero), modern society wouldn't be able to function. The rich won't allow the world to end that easily - they still need to milk it.

  25. Broader audience, deeper discussion, doesn't get buried in 5 seconds

  26. Why did you think this topic warranted a broader audience and deeper discussion? Seems pretty trivial.

  27. I don't know why you thought this required a standalone post. It's pretty short too, just reaching the word count. Why didn't you just post it as a comment in the daily?

  28. For the most part, I wake up every morning and study charts and look at the markets without trading. Maybe once in a while I’ll jump in but I want to learn as much as I can.

  29. If a single one of my rules are broken, I consider the trade a lost one, whether or not I made money.

  30. I always let the monkey mind win. I would never be Thai rich if I made rational decisions about anything.

  31. Reading, both online and offline. I still have a ton of books to finish. One of my goals in life is to acquire as much information/knowledge as possible.

  32. You enter a position based on knowledge and experience. You're saying now that you should probably just do the opposite every time? Then you're saying your knowledge and experience is fundamentally wrong. How can you trade when you're admitting to yourself that you're not good enough yet at reading the charts? Seems like you need to practice and learn more.

  33. It's not set in stone. But an estimate. If you spend all day working and analysing charts, your strategy is consistent. Would you be happy with averagely 33$ a week and 100$ a month? Do you consider that time worthwhile?

  34. I think it's arrogant of you to tell me I'm doomed to failure. I don't disagree with you that building an account with small risk is the key to long term success. I wanted to understand what was the psychology of me increasing my risk? I understand that my want to do this full time, is making me increase my risk to get enough capital, to where I can trade safely. (I already have a strategy that is tested, so I know I can be consistent). That leaves me with 2 options: 1. Keep working a job until I have enough capital to have a shot at doing this full time. Or 2. Apply for a funded futures account, where the capital is given to you if you pass their tests. If those 2 options are met I think I will have no problem having a low risk and being patient. Cause there wouldn't be a reason for it to reach my goal, which is doing this full time.

  35. Everyone's a winner when they're winning. You keep saying you want to do this full time, but you are not in the mindset to do so.

  36. It is easier to be calm when you have millions of dollars like Oliver. Just trade small until you get used to seeing the P/L going up and down and size up. It took me a while, now I can make large trades and watch my P/L change $1000 in one minute...and calmly drink coffee/.

  37. Yup. The people who watch these kinds of videos and get stressed when they try to apply their strategies should remind themselves that the majority of those Youtubers have very big account sizes and bank balances.

  38. Is there a difference whether you use it to trade stocks or crypto? Humbled Trader on Youtube seems to swear by it. It's the only indicator she uses.

  39. Looking back I'd say for me it was account size. I started with a small account size as I didn't want to "risk too much" in this new foray into trading. But having a small account size meant that issues were amplified as the account balance depleted faster due to capital being locked in trades and so stress was increased.

  40. These are all distractions. Just down a glass of good whiskey and focus on what you need to do.

  41. Thank you this makes a lot of sense! I love scalping. The fast action just works for my brain for some reason. I really appreciate the insight.

  42. The speed is it for me too. I believe that everyone has a style that will suit their character. And it's good to go with what you're comfortable with.

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