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  1. Think of it more as a protection of the area against corrupt officials

  2. I think you shouldn't justify influencing a vote. Just do it. There are many countries were people are basically brainwashed by the censored media - especially the old people, who don't use the internet. They are kept in poverty because the goverments do their magick by the media.

  3. The sigil is optional, some people like it, others don't.

  4. Radionics is a good example of techno magick. Charles Cosimano is an expert on this field. You can download freely all of his e-book from his website:

  5. I used a lot of sigils before, but nowadays I'm usually stick with mantras and gestures.

  6. Chaos magick has no rules. Sigil magick and servitors are good tools, but ritual magick and sorcery are also efficient methods.

  7. My rule is pretty simple, I close every ceremony with the next sentence: "It is done, and it cannot be undone."

  8. Hey Thanks for your perspective. It does seem so powerful already. I’m not so afraid as I was while writing this post. I did not summon a god or make my own servitor though. I just charged it and burned it

  9. Bruh. The OP just said "I have obnoxious neighbors and I want to get rid of them." You're the one that immediately jumped to "SUMMON THE LOA OF DEATH TO KILL THEM.".

  10. Oh, sorry that I've forgotten to put an emoji at the end of the sentence...

  11. How many times does a stranger come up to you and say "Hey, I have a serious problem and could use some advice..." and your first recommendation is "KILL THEM." ?

  12. Oh yeah professor, you failed to prove your point why Baron Samedi isn't a saturnian figure, you failed to prove why it's necesarry for chaos magicians to treat "spirits" like traditional practitioners, and now you're taking the conversation to a moral /psychological level just to prove somehow I'm the big bad wolf.

  13. Thanks! I never tried this method before, I need to experiment with it. :)

  14. My experience is that it's best to forget about targeting certain individuals with love magick. Most of the times we only feel sexual attraction towards them, and they would be horrible partners to us in life.

  15. Don't worry. The Illuminated Master has given his Word that he will soon make many posts that will catch us all up to speed on what Chaos Magick REALLY is.

  16. Sure, the idea is to implant a sigil/idea/symbol into your subconscious during a state of respectability to it, like exhaustion or in a meditative state, and have that sigil be of importance to the practitioner, for its utilitarian benefit. After which there is a goal to forget that it was even implanted such that the practitioner follows and has the benefit of the sigil with out even knowing it. There is a bit of a "The Game" going on and I could see this subreddit not wanting to have to much meta dialogue because of it.

  17. First of all, it's not necessary to forget a spell to make it work - even if it's sigil magick. And if your sigil has a great importance to you, then you have emotional attachment to it - that screws up your magick.

  18. Please please do fill me in. Perhaps part of Chaos magic dying off is a bunch of bullshit book that drank the Koolaid fully and got lost in the sauce became popular, and now people don't even have a meta awareness of why they are doing Chaos magic in the first place.

  19. If anything has importance to you within this cosmic joke, than you surely didn't even finish the basic training program of Liber Null. The exercise of metamorphosis comes right after the Image Concentration - just to make sure.

  20. Getting locked out of my house when I know I had the key, then when someone opened it from the inside the key then magically appeared in the door . This also happened at a "friends" house but in a slightly different way. He is my alibi in agreement that something crazy happened and we both felt and experienced it. At both times there were suspicious cats in the vicinity and I see black cats cross my path frequently. Ive never really been into magic nor astrology or anything like that but imo thats some high level shit and is pretty unsettleing.

  21. Maybe it's harsh description, but a good magican is not frequently running into situations that can piss him/her off. It happens sometimes, but a serious practitioner doesn't sacrifice his/her energy and time to punish the rude bus driver or the lady from the grocery shop.

  22. Antero Alli's book Angel Tech is one of the best books I have read from that scene. Really well written and lots of useful practical wisdom.

  23. Liber Null by Peter J. Caroll is a good start - all of his books are recommended. The writings of Austin Osman Spare, Phil Hine, and Alan Chapman are good materials too.

  24. I will say though: Liber Null starts strong and gets real fucking weird at the end. First chapter is Thought Control (an essential practice for aspiring magicians) and the last one is how to resurrect.

  25. I've found that divinitation can limit your abilities if all your spells are based on it. So it can cause stress.

  26. Sure! So made my first sigil about 3 weeks ago. And I destroyed it after 2 days because I simply had a change of mind. But I can’t stop thinking about it regardless? I still feel it is activated. I have dreams about he outcome having come true. I think about it consciously from time to time. So this is where I’m confused, how can I feel It’s activation still if I am consciously thinking about it, I’ve read it’s not supposed to work if this is the case? Or is my mind just playing tricks on me

  27. Forgetting about a spell is not always necesarry. It is done basically to avoid negative thoughts about the spells outcome.

  28. Money is not everything, and if you're different, it can be hard to fit into society. I'm not talking about this. But I don't think someone can be called a master magician or something like that, if the person is not able to sustain him/herself properly or cannot take positive critics. And I'm also aware that everyone has hard times, but some of these "masters" seem to trapped in their sh*t for decades...

  29. I'm talking about those so-called "masters" who believe they have infinite knowledge and power, yet they can hardly buy some food or pay the bills for years, and too scared to ask out a girl, so convince themselves they don't need sex or a good conversation, or they're above a regular job...

  30. To me, chaos magick is the very essence of magick. It inspires you to experiment with different techniques and investigate their working mechanism.

  31. I think chaos magick has an agnostic approach to spirits, and the view of the practitioner depends on the actually used model. According to the spirit model each god and spirit is an independent entity, but the psychological model describes them as personifications of different parts of our consciousness.

  32. As others mentioned eariler, the books of Austin Osman Spare and Alan Chapman are absolutely great readings. And the writings of Peter Caroll and Phil Hine are also recommended if somebody would like to learn about Chaos Magick.

  33. If I wouldn't face a similar situation before, I'd recommend a toughtform or some kind of sympathetic magick. I worked with the demon Gaap to solve the problem, but it depends on your preferences. It worked for me, although I didn't conjure the entity, just marked the place with its sigil.

  34. According to the Illustrated Goetia "he can carry and re-carry men from one kingdom to another", is this why you're suggesting working with Gaap?

  35. Yeah, he can help you to move your neighbors to "another kingdom". :)

  36. Many people stick with a fix (sometimes eclectic) pantheon that works for them well, and that's fine. But sometimes as our mood is changing our personal preferences can change as well.

  37. A deck of cards is definitely something I've been meaning to get my hands on. Seems like an important part of the tool kit. Do you have any tarot deck you'd recommend?

  38. If you prefer the tarot, than the Rider deck is one of the best options. It has a very clear symbolism - nothing fancy, but it's functional.

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