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  1. First of all, we've had multiple updates since November. Brandon even said on Twitter that they are working on it everyday, and will continue to untill 2 years after the release.

  2. If u can spend 8 dollars a can then go ahead and get nice paint. Either all rusto (oil based enamel paint) or all mtn/ironlak/Belton (acrylic paint cans)

  3. Given the fact that all known postings of the video are censored, and the reddit comments section is unable to find the sauce, we can only conclude that the original work was posted censored as is

  4. This is sick! Does anyone know of a sub that is made just for characters and not graffiti?

  5. This is definitely one of the ways pens can be good, but in the original post they were not being used in a way that it would look nice

  6. I feel like the M doesn't match. You've got this though. Best advice I could give you is to draw the word so many times that you can draw it as effortlessly as I'm sure drawing that butterfly came.

  7. Thanks. Yeah I think the overlap and just the style of the m in general is off from the rest of the piece

  8. Thanks! I don't really know what style it is, I just kinda put letters down until it looks good 😭

  9. For context someone said they would eat a shoe if bonelab didn't release by the end of September

  10. Yeah, people really need to stop hitching about nsfw and just accept that you can't rid of it

  11. It's especially frustrating as for a long time, everyone just accepted porn is just everywhere on the internet because everyone likes it, but now all the kids in their edgy "porn is bad" phase are in full force, and surprisingly high and mighty about it.

  12. Vr porn is one of the worst types for mental effects etc, but what can you do 🤷‍♂️

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