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  1. I feel like people who like doing this would enjoy playing GTA V, the whole game is based around doing seperate small events and challenges

  2. 17, not going to be accepted into university and don’t know what my upcoming years will be like

  3. I don’t really like the idea of holding a clowns hand as I bust a load

  4. Hey, how fresh is the lasagna? The freshest that can be?

  5. There’s also a black coloured one, “mountain dew pitch black”.

  6. Trojan executable programs? Check the URL’s, look for “exe”. If you think you have one of these, uninstall any new downloads.

  7. It’s a bit grainy when I zoom in but.. umm.. sir… is that a dirt mansion

  8. I’ve read up on this (I have no valid sources so do not attack me, just making a comment off of some articles I read, I could be 100% wrong)

  9. I can’t remember the names as I haven’t played in a long time, but there were two places I always made a nice settlement.

  10. Well obviously they’re not all there in the head… they’re French

  11. He’s not being serious, he know the guy just has the same name, he doesn’t legit think that’s himself

  12. You could easily run a toddler fighting ring out of that thing — just saying

  13. I hate this map so much, the colour changing from end to end for some reason messes with me

  14. I haven’t even clicked on the video yet, praying she gets absolutely kicked in the face with the power of a cinder block

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