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  1. all of them. pat and jen split up, Crainer and ssundee split up too, stampy didn't really play with squid now and skydoesminecraft is a criminal and will never got a chance to play with lox again (there is rumor that sky sold his channel don't know if its true though) but yeah, its pretty sad to see this happened.

  2. I think for a 2yo Dramarama is a bit off the target demography

  3. Hate how veganism as a belief system against animal industries is seen as "lol peta vegan teacher". like i get it, just saddens me that a lot of people dont care about it beyond memes

  4. Samurai Jack got a new show a while back, more mature and on Adult Swim, and the author is blaming that (or at least complaining about) on the fact that the new PPG show was really bad and cringeworthy, with aspects some people could call "woke", whatever that word means.

  5. IIRC that was denied by the actual writer, but it was weird nonetheless, since it did looked like him. It's a bad show anyways, but it has nothing to do with politics or being woke. It's just bad.

  6. CEO of this company and the other group of people who are not being able to join the team

  7. tbh i like the ending of V-M more but yes that stretch of Neverending Hum to Indie Cindy is just perfection

  8. if you are including all of those songs then yes those are the best, but i’m thinking like

  9. I like most of Neil's stuff but My Trains is genuinely hard to listen to. It's just not good at all imo.

  10. I like by itself but I hate it’s placement in nature tapes right after jaws

  11. Nature Tapes never worked as a proper album for me, it's really just a compilation

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