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  1. except it is about fun abilities rather than pure buffs

  2. Wow I love them! I do very much miss getting new content like this regularly. If this game weren't in aux power mode, I'd love for them to redo some of the original skins that didn't have as much detail or polish to them. A lot of them look like plastic models.

  3. It'd be nice if the visual/audio queues were more clear about how far balls are from you. Often times I dont even hear or see a warning come up.

  4. Seriously though, what happened? At what point did the entire planet just switch to Zoom all of a sudden?

  5. I remember circa 2016 when my group switched to Discord from exclusively Skype. It was beautiful. I don't know why people don't use Discord instead of Zoom, it's got so many more features and very simple to use.

  6. That's exactly what youtube wants. More engagement. Also creators can just hide any comments they don't like.

  7. They've also been able to disable the like/dislike bar for years now as well.

  8. Exactly. I dont support them hiding the dislike counts, but holy hell these people that are acting like comments don't exist. They are better for understanding the reason why people like or dislike a post. Yes you can remove comments, but HELLO you've also been able to manually hide the like/dislike bar for years now. And it doesnt take long to gather a consensus from looking at the top couple of comments. If you honestly judged the quality of a video solely on the like/dislike ratio and didnt check the comments to get context or watch the video to make your own judgement, you're somewhat of a lazybones. People don't only click dislike because the post is inaccurate or low quality. It's like those "did you have fun?" polls after a game. Most people will say yes if they won, no if they lost. Absolutely meaningless without additional context.

  9. Roll locks made me quit. Average que time increased by 1000% and my enjoyment in game tanked too.

  10. yeah, to me the game started to tilt downhill once they added hero limits and taking abilities away from heroes. I liked the sandbox feel of the original game. I dont like being boxed into playing any specific way. I would rather deal with people picking 5 hanzos instead of having to commit to playing 1 role for an entire game, let alone the wait to get into a game post-rolequeue. every game started to feel exactly the same after that too.

  11. CactusPuppy, one of the most prolific workshop creators, already made it a bit ago. It's called Conquest and it's ridiculously fun. It should be a real gamemode in my opinion. The code is NNKWC.

  12. At least the people in vs AI are pretty nice, if they'll talk at all :)

  13. Check your description the workshop website. It's a minor error but you have "Bigger" and "Slower" instead of Bigger and Smaller. Anyways looks fun!

  14. Yeah, I'm 25. Old enough to have seen my own generation's haircuts as we grew up (mainly that long hair emo skater style of 2007-2011), and looked at past haircut trends before I was around. Every generation's haircuts look stupid. Once everyone's done looking like veggietales asparagus we'll move on to the next thing. It's not worth getting fussy about.

  15. Horizon Zero Dawn. Learning what Ted Faro did. Stopped me cold.

  16. I was looking to see if anyone mentioned HZD yet, but for me the biggest holy shit moment was the moment when you learn Sobek's solution to what he did. Absolutely blew my mind. Definitely always comes to mind when I consider my favorite video game moments.

  17. what if you gradually replace brain cells with nanobots, at what point would you die and there just be a copy of you? Or could you fully transition if it was slow enough of a migration to different hardware?

  18. I suppose that's essentially what happens anyway, with your cells being replaced slowly over time by new ones. I think Vsauce 3 did a video talking about that years ago.

  19. TMNT. Closest I've ever been to leaving. Suicide Squad is a close second.

  20. I want to be able to hire villagers to handle some of the manual parts of the assembly line. You could set work blocks that they stand on, and assign input/output blocks to that work block. You would have to pay the villagers in emeralds, food, or both or they quit. Maybe if enough of them are unhappy enough they'd have a chance to start a union and turn into pillagers or something.

  21. I get that, and I feel that. I dont enjoy Oddball, its my least favorite mode for now. But I'll be damned if I intentionally lose just because "i dont like it"

  22. That seems to just be multiplayer games with objectives now. I can't stand people who refuse to adapt and just go with the flow. (In games)

  23. Anyone get a count of how many times she says literally. Had she not used the word I wouldn’t have believed her even with the video.

  24. I literally don't literally understand literally your literally accent literally.

  25. I mean, like other said, they do have the technology considering Fallout 76 exists. So it's possible, I just really hope it would be COOP and not an MMO, again like everyone else already said. I think it would be a lot easier to work out, especially considering how well Skyrim Together work(ed) as a free mod by a third party. And as always there'd mods, so people can fix it for free. And modding would probably be a lot simpler in a coop setting because I doubt you'd be banned like in FO76. God I'd love to run around with my friends. ST was SO CLOSE to perfect.

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