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  1. I like these figures, but I really wish Hasbro would knock it off with those idiotic, gargantuan retro stickers that cover the photo/art.

  2. Absolutely. It seems like a graphic design 101 project to move the "Retro" logo out of the circle and away from the photo. Hell, they could get an intern to do it.

  3. Started collecting recently and this is my best find yet!

  4. It's a VERY good feeling securing this trilogy as a box set. Best of luck tracking the rest of them down!

  5. I swear some of these are bots. The nerf herders that really explode my power couplings are the "Please or Plz" trades, still unreasonable or ridiculous, just with a little begging on top. Yuck.

  6. You can also scrub the thick callus right off yer feets with that thing... Just be sure to show us foot pics and clean up the shavings with your shop vac.

  7. It seems to me that assigning a limit on the amount of a card is helpful and creates an artificial value. For example- 5,4,3,2,1 cards are just a limited edition repackage of a practically limitless set of base cards. Same for Gilded cards. I actually like that some sigs are limited to 150, and some cards also have a 500 print limit.

  8. It was sparked by a cassette tape. Back in 1988 Rolling Stone had published it's top 100 singles (anyone remember those?) on a huge list, local NM DJ (remember those too??!) Paul Ingles played some choice cuts from that list, which ended up being mostly 60's tracks from Hendrix & Otis Redding to the Beach Boys. My parents came of age during that time so their music influenced my tastes early. But that tape definitely set it all in motion for me.

  9. I don't know about y'all but I've gotten a few "soft offers" for lack of a better way to put it. People asking if I would be interested in something(s) during another trade like a bulk base trade, I send an offer, they ask questions and/or ask their friends/family/lawyer if it's a good trade and then decline it... Seems like an odd strategy to obtain cards.

  10. I have had times where I have gotten an offer but it isn't anything that I am interested in keeping in my collection long term. I will sometimes ask online about the trade to see if there is anything involved in the trade that someone else is interested in. I would pass on the trade for myself but would take it if I could pick up something for one of my regular trade partners.

  11. That makes a lot of sense. Early on I would pick up things thinking I could trade them later, with no takers lol.

  12. Did you know, the widely accepted plural of vinyl is vinyl (or just "records")? Many incorrectly use the term vinyls, due to its widespread misuse - but now you're in the know! It's silly, but conventional. Anyway,

  13. I don't recognize this version of the Grand Inquisitor. Was this from "Visions?" Somebody help a Nerf Herder out.


  15. I like these new sets. I know there are complaints about too many "endless, high count" cards floating around, but the quality on these is pretty good. I wish they would have released some Legendary tier cards from this set, but that's not a complaint.

  16. When's the last time you bought a record from a charity shop that you regularly listen to?

  17. Dave Brubeck- Time In (Mono) found at Savers™️ for $0.99. Listened to it two days ago and it didn't disappoint.

  18. From "Cretin Hop" to "Why Is It Always This Way" this record rocks from start to finish. I actually found this bad little feller in the record bin at Goodwill in the days when you could still find stuff at Goodwill. I can't remember if it was $1.99 or only $0.99, either way it was a great find. As I used to tell my friends back in the day "Punks Not Die!"

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