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  1. Yes, because it controls how many characters are replaced by the generic models. Each full fat drawn character is really heavy, so it adds up on top of the model limit (which controls how many characters are drawn at all).

  2. I find it alot easier to actually play wvw when everyone except me is a generic model with a mostly solid color

  3. I mean, having chapter affiliated sororitas would help get around the 1000 marines rule in the codex

  4. Trying to rules lawyer around that one in particular seems like a good way to get a visit from the Minotaurs

  5. N'wahs be like House Hlaalu isn't racist like Orvas Dren just doesn't exist

  6. I have never had to grind or cheat in Morrowind to become powerful

  7. Behold i have the stc for a ballpoint pen

  8. Lo and behold I have also found an STC for a device that stops people from questioning my discoveries, I call it the boltgun

  9. One time I got straight up HUNTED DOWN by a miner when I stole his PKA, never been so scared in my life.

  10. Leave the miner alone and he will leave you alone. Wrong the miner and he will hunt you to the ends of the earth with a bone axe

  11. Me when I'm in a racism competition and my opponent is a Frenchman living in North Africa

  12. You act like being a lesbian is a bad thing

  13. You fool, you have not unmanifested the destiny, you have simply remanifested the destiny

  14. Can I put a battery on my tongue without fun facts being thrown at me?

  15. Wasn't it that his VA tried to do a Texan accent but fucked up, causing everyone to think Magnus was an Aussie to the point where they just ran with it?

  16. iirc his VA is Texan and was trying to do a British accent which somehow morphed into an Australian one

  17. I'm gonna be honest with you chief I have no idea who most of those n'wahs are

  18. Oh Mephala and Boethiah are two of my favourite Daedric Princes. I'm convinced that when the Tribunal stole divinity for themselves, they simply shrugged and went "well played".

  19. I imagine all three of them knew that the tribunal wouldn't last forever, as Daedra they have a very long time to wait them out.

  20. It’ll probably be Hammerfell next so I can’t wait for them to completely condense the entire Yokudan pantheon into one God, and completely memoryhole their entire history.

  21. They'll just worship the nine divines and they'll have one character mention the yokudan pantheon once

  22. The funny part is that Nazi Germany held elections as required by the Weimar constitution (they were obviously not free and fair elections)

  23. Ferrus, when discussing primarchs with others I frequently forget about you and for that I would like to apologize

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