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  1. When are you adding the BBQ Pulled Pork pancakes back to the menu though?

  2. Some people really get their knickers in a twist with the idea Scotland has resources. Maybe they see it as a threat to the Union - so we end up with pish stories like this to try and create an illusion that Scotland is worthless.

  3. ScotWind got like a third of their own estimated licensing fees despite the fact they auctioned off more wind than initially planned and delayed the deadline. And despite all of this, they onshored zero of the supply chain. A little bit of perspective, had they achieved their own estimate, Scot Gov would had increased their budget by 4% effectively permanently, from licensing fees alone.

  4. Why did they not get the estimate? Was the estimate wrong? Does this mean there was no potential of getting the figures quoted in this article - if they cannot even get the original figure?

  5. If the estimate was wrong, then the fact that ScotWind seemingly doesn't even know the value of it's own wind is a scandal in of itself considering it's the one delegated to auction it off.

  6. Common sense mate, they aren't children, they've just lied about their age. They aren't really missing either, they've just moved on to work in the drug trade. Often that's part of the deal for them being smuggled by gangs.


  8. Very few businesses in the UK are complaining about a shortage of high skilled labour, the immigration system was changed and it's relatively easy for businesses to get tech workers, scientists, managers etc. Instead they're all complaining about a "shortage" of low and semi skilled workers. Care workers, fruit pickers, HGV drivers, shop workers, etc.

  9. So then hopefully the influx will help somewhat, regardless of any gloomy projection.

  10. It's easy, but it's not friendly for the environment. I want to stick to public transport, cycling and walking.

  11. Which part of that route is not environmentally friendly?

  12. Are ferries environmentally friendly? How much co2 per mile do they emit?

  13. It's because a lot of the construction industry is considering/expected to move towards timber materials rather than concrete/steel/etc.

  14. Just how many empty flats are there in Manchester exactly?

  15. England has pretty much the lowest rate of vacant properties in the world, it might even literally be the lowest. Anyone talking about empty properties in the UK is talking out of their arse.

  16. They used a doppelgänger UK economy based of what a bunch of comparable economies did since 2016 (and yes all comparable economies have moved together historically to a large enough degree for this to make sense).

  17. Mate, the CER model has been heavily criticised by economists yet you keep trying to pretend that all economists agree with its conclusions and that the study was widely accepted despite the fact that you don't actually know that. You literally uttered the phrase "pretty much all economists agree" which should be a red flag even you can realise.

  18. Ok, let's start from the basics. Is it or is it not a fact that the vast majority of economists agree that Brexit has had a sizeable negative impact on the UK economy?

  19. Brexit, most probably, will have a sizeable negative impact to the UK economy, but that 4% figure, whilst perfectly fine in the right context, is not actually representative, and the £100 billion figure is basically just made up by a think tank.

  20. Industry representative wants cheap foreign labour, news at 10.

  21. I don’t follow the second part of your comment sorry 😅wouldn’t it be great for those looking to move because they know they won’t be exploited by landlords ?

  22. When you introduce rent controls, landlords whack up rents sky high for incomers because they have to consider the fact that you may be there for a while. Completely ruins the movement of labour and fucks over local businesses.

  23. Russia’s economic growth suggests Western sanctions are having a limited impact.

  24. Wars often increase GDP because it forces unemployed people into work and output is maximised. But it's at the cost of having good finances and the underlying economic structure eventually falters.

  25. I read an article a few years ago on Wired which said that labs can never be built which are both large enough and "clean" enough to ever grow lab-cultured meat at a commercially-viable scale.

  26. Have a minor biotech background and can confirm that cultured meat investment is seen as a bit of a bubble that is likely to burst. Biotech stocks are massively down already so maybe they quietly have. A very recent economic assessment from the Oklahoma State University comes to a similar conclusion; an $18 retail price for a single 0.14kg burger patty; even when taking into account vast advances in technology and maximising economies of scale.

  27. One thing to consider when talking about cost is subsidisation. There's a much bigger true cost that we're not seeing at the point of purchase.

  28. Cultured meat will still end up around $60 per lb without subsidies (per the Oklahoma study) and it's quality will likely resemble that of McDonalds burger meat. To reach the same price, it'll require a lot more subsidies.

  29. San Francisco councillor slams recommendation to pay Black residents $5 million - by the reparations committee he created

  30. Invest in poor communities of which would improve the long-term prosperity of black (and other poor) people? No I don't think so.

  31. A lot of the initial wave of 8th gen Ubisoft games gathered enormous levels of hype. The Division, Watch Dogs, Black Flag, Far Cry 4, Siege and The Crew was in the midst of all that. And it came with the promise of letting you cross the entire US. It's worth mentioning that it was 30 million players rather than sales but all in all, an exciting period of time for Ubisoft.

  32. Yeah I think this is the case too. Tomb Raider is a big IP, but it is not as big as it used to be and I definitely don't see it being worth $600 million. $100 million would've been more plausible but even that seems a bit high and is most definitely a pretty stupid deal for Amazon, when only months ago Embracer bought the IP along with a bunch of others, plus the studios making them, for half the price Amazon would supposedly spent on this deal for a single IP.

  33. The deal can also be structured whereby Amazon preserve the option to extend the licensing agreement if say the first movie/show is a success. $57 million initially but with the potential for Embracer earn more.

  34. My ex was a teacher from Canada and she was amazed how badly behaved kids are in the UK. She taught French though, to be fair. Gunna be hard to have a well behaved class with that subject.

  35. My brother and sister were little shits back in school so my mum would go into school and supervise them during their lessons. Hard to imagine most parents willing to do that.

  36. A few times for my brother I think, maybe one time for my sister. Can't really say much changed during school, in the end they were in what is technically one of the worse schools in the country but they at least have done okay afterwards.

  37. Fisher here too and I fully agree that it was a disgrace, but the fishing rights weren't robbed or stolen, they were given away. That is purely down to bad negotiating from the Irish government. Your anger should be directed at them not the EU.

  38. Not really, logistics would see it travelling less of a distance to leave the island therefore cutting costs or offsetting them, I would not give up independence for the sake of a couple of quid on a bottle of whisky that's being exported anyway and it's not like we can't get barley anywhere else is it and who's to say it won't be cheaper getting it from the EU

  39. No. Shipping costs more than road. Logistics will be more expensive.

  40. That's the price that would have to be paid to ensure clean crops that's free of gmo contamination

  41. It's the price of everything: regulatory divergence, cost of logistics, an increase in ingredient price, a reduction in sales. All in all, one of Scotland's most important industries would undoubtedly suffer from trade barriers with England.

  42. The IMF are notoriously shite at predicting UK GDP growth, and they have even admitted it. Accurately predicting annual growth is also just incredibly difficult and should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

  43. German growth is weaker than Russia's in 2023 too (according to this projection, obviously). To be honest, it does seem to show the resilience of the Russian economy and some fairly deft handling of last year's crisis after we - The West - rightly threw, at least part of, the kitchen sink at them.

  44. IMF also estimate 4.1% growth for the UK in 2022, the highest in the G7.

  45. Playstation marketing in general has been very lackluster for the past few years, especially when compared to 2015-2018 when they still did E3. Just gonna repeat what I said

  46. PlayStation marketing has been excellent. The sales and social media response to the PS5 and their games speak for themselves.

  47. We have nearly 70 million people and not enough land to feed even half of the population.

  48. We have enough land to feed ourselves. But it would take some unpopular reform to reach that point. Mostly consisting of reducing livestock holdings, converting lowland grazing farms to crops and construction of large greenhouses for vegetable/fruit production. And in wartime, it's possible to introduce rationing which would significantly reduce our over-reliance on overseas food production.

  49. The Anglo-Saxons by Marc Morris. It tells the story of how the foundations of England were laid.

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