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Trump supporters exhibit greater cognitive rigidity and less interpersonal warmth than supporters of liberal candidates, study finds.

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  1. I don't know what's up, but i only learned about the One Meridian Plaza fire relatively recently and it's very interesting

  2. It's the site - it's hilariously unstable. It doesn't help that thanks to this sub there are now literally dozens of users trying to play - overloading this poor site.

  3. With no heat on it will get down to low 30s, but it's about 70 in here now with just the wood stove going

  4. Wow, -2C is not bad for a room covered in windows in the middle of winter. Those must be some good windows.

  5. The Dr see’s your medical records not your employer. If you do not pass your physical all your employer knows is you failed.

  6. Huh, here I live the doctors will still say I passed, because they have the medical records to show that I am meant to have my meds in my system.

  7. Yes, you can still pass your DOT physical being on ADHD meds as long as you have a Dr note and a prescription. Only year medical card only though. I chose years ago not to go through that hassle, it was such a pain in the ass to get the meds and to renew my med card I stopped with the meds.

  8. I’m not saying that trans women aren’t real women, but I don’t think having a ‘genitalia preference’ is transphobic. People have preferences when it comes to things like culture or even body type, why does having a genitalia preference make one transphobic? Here’s an article

  9. Saying that people can have a genital preference or not and saying that Lesbians can date trans people aren't conflicting statements. At all.

  10. People went absolutely insane about that article. I am glad it was published and that actual lesbians have a voice instead of being silenced by people calling them transphobic for not wanting to engage sexually with a penis.

  11. People went insane about it because the TERF who wrote it made multiple false claims to get their agenda across.

  12. My current job has diet Pepsi on tap, and Mexican Coke in the bottle. I get it's annoying and kind of weird, but it's apparently incomprehensible to some people.

  13. And high-end waiters and bar staff have always earned a tonne of money from tips anyway. My flatmate at University used to double her salary with tips from working at a high-end bar.

  14. The same reason there was an apparent rapid rise in left-handedness through the 20th Century. It’s not a sudden change in genetics. It’s changes in discrimination.

  15. Same with why there are "more" transgender people now. It's not because there are actually more of us, but its because we're able to be more open about it and have less chances of being bashed or murdered for it than in the past.

  16. Might be more common in the southern US had same thing in Florida and Georgia. Write with my right, anything with a racket left, golf right.

  17. Basically anywhere that conservatives were in a position of power, which makes sense since they are

  18. Wild police presence around Strathfield station right now. A few people already arrested in the concourse area.

  19. Do you know what they were doing? The decision to have this rally in Strathfield / Burwood makes me wonder how much of a racist / nationalist motive is behind it.

  20. Orwell was initially very authoritarian OTL as well but his experiences in the Spanish Civil War made him reconsider his stance. IIRC Blair actually does start to doubt totalism after Mosley centralizes his control over the UoB

  21. I actually am aware of the changes involving distributions of ores, and I also have been mining on the correct level for iron. I was just trying to say that iron, even if you are on the correct level for it, is still quite rare compared to copper.

  22. I will say, it pays off to invest in looking for one of those mega veins of iron. Once you find one of those you'll never run out. Means you gotta dig lower though. My friends and I were iron-starved (we literally had more diamond than iron) until we found one of those things by simply going to the iron veins level and then digging generously spaced out strips until we came across one.

  23. I disagreed with you elsewhere in the thread, but yeah NotJustBikes is based and numtot pilled. Train good, car bad.

  24. Or Resolve may have tweaked their methodology to adjust for being out of step with all the others. Then this would just be them falling into line with the others and nothing has actually changed.

  25. So if the industry supports this and there's clearly value there of a saving of about $1 per km, then they should just do it.

  26. One thing the government could contribute with is by building trackless streetcar infrastructure on the most busy bus routes; that way, the capacitor banks on the electric "busses" could be minimised as they'd be connected to the catenary wire for 99% of the trip.

  27. Berserk is too lazy to give their mods the moderation perms on Steam and think Valve moderation (which is very slow and allows a lot of non-overt toxicity and trolling) is sufficient.

  28. A lot of reviews are getting around valve moderation with cleverly-worded jabs and dog whistles, especially around the trans suicide statistics. Things like "2/5ths of them won't be around in a few years anyway" etc.

  29. The people defending global chat in the reviews saying it was used for "finding games" mostly have <10 hours of playtime.

  30. And apparently it's still illegal in certain parts of the US!

  31. Kinda. It's on the books but is not in effect. By your wording, gay marriage is illegal in the US as a whole (Defence of Marriage Act still hasn't been repealed).

  32. You might find yourself on the giving end of a police sting. Or uploading evidence to pornhub.

  33. The mysoginist responsible for those texts probably didn't even consider ensuring that particular law covered women because he couldn't comprehend that we'd have the sense of agency or humanity to have any complex feelings.


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