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Vinland Saga Season 2 - Episode 22 discussion

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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

The process of taking a painful L


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  1. I'm guessing those are all age appropriate VA's which is probably why I recognize none of them.

  2. Ichigo’s been fooled by evil Elf Jesus and now she’s hurt her friends. She got them so bad they lost color for a second there. Damn. I wonder how many people died in Deep Blue’s attack. Dude’s kind of like an eco terrorist.

  3. I was half-wondering if they were reusing actual manga art for a second there lol.

  4. Oh man Ichigo looking absolutely broken majority of this episode was hard to watch, but luckily her friends forgave and comforted her. I was expecting Ichigo to defend Aoyoma not to blast her friends away.

  5. I really didn't expect Ichigo to get so broken or attack her own team but what a way to crush your protagonist...but the reconciliation scene with the girls and Mint initiating it was really nice.

  6. That long-haired Akina with the suspenders was surprisingly effective!

  7. Cute fluffy episode. Not a lot happening today but Kubo and Shirashi comparing heights was sweet. Seita’s first errand was adorable too. He looks a little too young and smol to be going off to the shop on his own, but it worked out

  8. The Smol!Kubo and younger Akina flashback was the perfect cap off to how adorable that Seita segment was. And Kubo's hair stroke weakness. Handy info to know, Shiraishi-kun!

  9. I think Mitsumi actually coming through in the end was basically her equivalent of giving them a piece of her mind.

  10. Shima!!! That is not the face of someone who wants to keep a distance!!

  11. I'm glad the treatment is looking good. I hope he gets all the treatment and care he needs and recovers from this.

  12. I love how TsuPro didn't make Dias as this tragic fall from grace villain but straight up scummy evil bastard all along in disguise. Not gonna be a pretentious guy that's gonna say "muh subverting expectation" I'm just wanna say that it's a nice change of pace. Imo definitely hurt more when his betrayal to Regulos eventually happen.

  13. It's also pretty consistent with what we see of Diavolo in the future.

  14. Man, snake and crane master were... Just there, weren't day? I barely recall they exist, specially the snake one...

  15. I was wondering how they were going to play up all that build up and him obviously being ticked that Regulos is surpassing him but him manipulating and betraying Regulos still hurt.

  16. Kelly Thompson is finally at DC and she's starting with a bang with the biggest female DC team!

  17. what’s this? Your Yuuya is evolving!

  18. The Pres doesn’t look like she’s gonna take “no” for an answer. Yuuya really is pretty incredible, that’s an Isekai MC for ya.

  19. If you can't hire 'em, just find an excuse to film 'em I guess lol.

  20. Got ourselves a good ol fashioned monster hunt this week. The Gorgon hunt sure turned out pretty underwhelming. Although Lu getting her panties turned to stone was pretty funny. Also, Touya using the power of censorship to pixilate that other Gorgon’s eyes also made me laugh.

  21. I'm kind of disappointed we didn't get more wardrobe malfunctions with the rest of the girls, though I guess Lu's embarrassment was enough, poor girl. Nice legs, though lol.

  22. Good to know that Touya and the medical ward can repair any injury and actually recreate limbs. Why, they could even recreate Touya's dick if they had to! Though they can't rebuild memories, leaving our amnesiac elf-like girl without a name or any idea how she ended up like that. Oh, and it looks like she's the final wife.

  23. Isaki wasn't kidding about her being a gyaru with that underwear. I feel bad for Isaki for how much her big sis uses her. Also Sora Amamiya, because why not lol?

  24. Shiromaru got the notice this was the beach episode but was too lazy to actually go to the beach lol.

  25. Einar's words to Canute about destroying the farm really showcase the themes of season 1 vs. season 2.

  26. Seasons 1 and 2 are going to make an amazing collective watch all together.

  27. Vinland Saga? More like Winland Saga, cause that first half was good fucking shit. Who knew the protagonist suffering a one-sided beatdown could feel this badass?

  28. Thorfinn has fully reached his maturation as a warrior and a character and it's a beautiful thing.

  29. Heika's drawing of Raelina is absolutely amazing.

  30. It would've been just easier to describe her as a pretty auburn lady with green eyes but of course he had to show off his stellar sketching skills lol.

  31. I kept feeling bad for Wade the whole episode. No wonder Raeliana doesn't want the disciple job lol.

  32. Kasen is absolutely brilliant and it was adorable seeing her reaction to opening the safe.

  33. Super housewives make surprisingly compelling and cute cat burglars lol.

  34. just when I thought it's over, how would Kyoichi escape death now? how would someone from his gang believe him?

  35. Well, he's going to the top, Nobuto's dad, who probably would be willing to hear him out on who really killed Nobuto, especially if he's got evidence to back him up.

  36. Ann and Challe back together! She looks great with her hair down!

  37. Nishimura was not prepared for the power big sis and her teasing.

  38. This episode had it all! Takada being a passionate Chuuni Chad for Nishimura, the power of Nishimura's two eyes, Hino being a tank top bro, Kasahara continuing her character development, the classic sick episode that brings the two leads closer and leaves them both flustered afterwards...

  39. Well, if that’s not a fever dream worth going through, I dunno what is. And with that, maybe the tables have turned? Seems Takada isn’t immune to someone making advances, either.

  40. It's nice to see Nishimura can deliver just as critical a hit to Takada and to see both of them be mutually flustered for once.

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