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  1. The pilot guy is predicting .001815 and $30.

  2. That just sounds much too low - breaching $33 holy floor and getting to the bottom before last halving (USD), and a ridiculous ratio.

  3. tbh I don’t like ETH, and PoS is very controversial, it has Ponzi signs

  4. Yeah Bitcoin has a nice creator stash of 1m so I think we should revert to block 1 and give Lee the equivalent 4mil Litecoin.

  5. I believe you mean 10%, 5 percent to Charlie, 2.5 percent to ltc foundation, 1.5% to holders and 1% to burner address. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  6. I'm gonna to be asleep at 4am UTC so buying my LTC now in celebration.

  7. I would've laughed at that before this week. Stock market doesn't look good and I think we're in for crypto's first test in a recession.

  8. Anyone notice how conversions to other coins on Coinbase are supposed to be ‘free and instant’ yet always seems to take a small bite out of your portfolio?

  9. Lots of saltiness here. We need something to laugh at, so I'm game.

  10. MWEB, TAPROOT , OmniLite, all coming up. And all the good ol fundamentals.

  11. Yeah, all your favorite woowoo-tards are saying epic doom on may 16. I bet the evil empire will try and kill tether. Either that or nuke coinbase. Both cases will destroy the crypto market.

  12. Sorry, wait. So this stuff about "16th" is just the lunar eclipse?!

  13. I would be surprised if last week was a warm up - article from a couple of weeks ago:

  14. Luna, a coin that is literally dying just had more gains than litecoin has in 9 years. lol

  15. Depends on your financial situation. If you're doing well go for it but I would not throw serious cash in that black hole. They printed 6.5 trillion tokens.

  16. Yeah, the Luna Devs and community want to start up Luna again, except do it "right" this time and less scammy. FFS, take a loss and move on

  17. Don’t think so. The money’s he’s using to buy Twitter is basically loans backed by his Tesla stock. If anything this increases his dependence on the success of TSLA.

  18. If you’re not in club 84 at these prices why in the world are you visiting this sub?

  19. To the regulars who’ve been here daily regardless of price action; love you all.

  20. I'm honestly astonished LTC hasn't dumped harder than all the other alts. Usually in such a crash LTC crashes the hardest but that's not what we're seeing here, LTC really doesn't want to go down and it shows.

  21. I'm over extended - but would definitely be stacking more here.

  22. Amp is -22% and some others just as bad. LTC is not even close to the worst dumper.

  23. But - it is frustrating that btc and etc have dropped a lot less.

  24. We see that the increase in adoption hasn't positively affected price. There are too many other unknown variables keeping it down. If superior fundamentals are not positively affecting price now, why do we think it will in the future? This is a genuine question related to what does everyone think are the other variables keeping the price down and why they think these variables will change.

  25. To me, other coins have taken the lime light. That, and too many Litecoins being mined. Next halving, Litecoin will bring deflationary -should be a game changer.

  26. Doesn't matter. Retail doesn't pump price, they might sustain it so you can exit but thats it.

  27. Here we go, the end of the UK. Strong chance the second Scottish referendum will pass, and now Ireland is set to reunify. Boris Johnson really has killed the UK.

  28. The Tories. Not just Boris Johnson. The whole lying cabal.

  29. Just got my 3rd Litecoin. It's not a lot but it's what I can afford.

  30. Johnson is a hack journalist in a commons where a lot of MPs are lawyers. Starmer is a barrister who rips Johnson's childish piffle to shreds every time they clash Johnson is out of his depth. A Lunchtime O'Booze hack from the Street of Shame (see eyes passim) who thinks the Daily Telegraph is his real boss.

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