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  1. I’m a black conservative. Who am I racist to?

  2. I don't know, but most conservatives I know are racist towards you.

  3. I’ve been friends with a white conservative guy since 2019 and hes shown no racism towards me. Its just annoying how people tell me hes a white supremacist although hes just a laid back guy who likes to go to events and play video games.

  4. Well I'm glad your one friend isn't racist towards you. That doesn't cancel out my wife's family. Or all the other conservatives who are.

  5. Everyone I show Starship Troopers hates it for being a badly acted B-rated action movie with gratuitous violence

  6. I was one of those people, until I saw Red Letter Media talk about it. They opened my eyes.

  7. I saw a brand new McDonalds last week. It was the most boring building I've seen. It wasn't even minimalist. It was just a grey box. It was a terrible deaign

  8. For anyone confused by the past tense, he’s still alive and well and is a color commentator for the Red Sox.

  9. You mean the documents that he has had for over a year and a half?

  10. Fuck the GOP. You want the Saudis having nukes? Fuck off

  11. When my dad heard we were going to Branson he told me to go check out that Asian guy that plays violin. Cause he's pretty good.

  12. I always liked their idea for the Picard TV show where eventually...

  13. Aw shit do you think there was a pirate in the video?

  14. That’s why I suspect Ricketts won’t allow the Medical Cannabis initiatives on the ballot in November. He can’t allow the majority of Nebraskans voting to legalize cannabis.

  15. Little known. But like half of primuss songs are about fishing.

  16. Are those "no upfront cost" solar panel deals real? I'd really like to go solar but idk if I want to spend 10k upfront.

  17. So we all shit in Taylor swift for a private jet, but this is somehow not as bad?

  18. People love Darryl but this is a really crappy moment by him that I can’t get past.

  19. The same thing he's done for the last 2000 years. Not jack shit

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