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  1. I just got scooters this morning and the girl had a coat on.

  2. It seems being a nazi is completely acceptable as long as it’s in all but name.

  3. It's like how the Republicans got mad at trump for his dinner with Kanye and that other dumbass. But all the other stuff over the years was fine

  4. Photoshop. The Japanese plane looks awfully clear for traveling hundreds of miles per hour and the pic being taken from a 1940s gun camera

  5. At the height of the Second Life craze all kinds of governments opened virtual embassies in the game. It was stupid even back then and nobody ever heard again of these crazy boomer ideas trying to get hip with the youngsters.

  6. I believe that whole slap thing was staged. It’s the only way it makes sense

  7. Alot of things that have happened over the last 6 years I have to convince myself weren't staged. It's surreal

  8. Lebron is the epitome of the phrase "treat the janitor the same as you would treat the CEO". The fact that Lebron has managed to stay so grounded throughout the years is almost as remarkable as his NBA career is.

  9. Alpha male…. Surely a Alpha doesn’t need to tweet that he is to prove it?

  10. That's the thing about alpha males. They are actually super weak and insecure so they have to be like this.

  11. I like how in the first one half of them didn't even know what they were supposed to be protesting

  12. Oh damn he’s so lucky he’s not dead or permanently paralyzed

  13. Well this is a fake skit so don't worry about it too much

  14. I've always thought it was both of this guys arms in the pic. Like he's working with both arms

  15. I wonder if she started the fire to get rid of the ice dam

  16. This was so dumb I didn't even know who was older than who.

  17. Dude is posting online more than I ever do. How is being the CEO of multiple companies less time consuming than dealing with chickens and cleaning a house?

  18. A pretty basic assortment so far. Some sussex, buffs, silver laced wyandottes and barred rocks. And one cream legbar roo.

  19. I always wanted the silver laced wyandottes. I had some jersey giants a few years ago. But they never got as big as I was promised

  20. I didn't think I could feel embarrassed for a billionaire. But here we are

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