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TIFU by totally ruining the mood during sex

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  1. This is stressing me out and it ain’t even my situation. Your son stating he’s going to work hard to be stronger than his dad, him being as protective and in competition with his father as he is at this age is fucking BONKERS. Also, the fact that your husband doesn’t see any issue with this besides him being clingy/angst is gonna end up getting his ass kicked and probably soon. Bro, like imagine if puberty smacks your son… your fam gonna be in for a sick ass ride. Lol

  2. check out dbt and attachment theory. attachment theory states that there are essentially four different types of attachment, stable, anxious, avoidant, and fearful avoidant/anxious avoidant.

  3. Yeah, and that's not to say Palestine is good, either. Your options for who to support are War Criminals and Terrorists.

  4. you could call hamas terrorists, palestinians and their government are not

  5. it sounds like you're being angelic in the face of the situation. not everyone is like this, thank you for being there for him.

  6. i feel the same way. happy birthday, anyways. it can get better

  7. technically we cant actually touch anything. and physical objects are made mostly of empty space. fucking mind blowing. as far as humans are concerned, technically you can never know anyone, just yourself.

  8. The question was not what they mean but what the kids are actually taught.

  9. John and Julie Gottmann are the world's leading experts on relationships. You mention some key items that they have investigated in their research.

  10. i think anais nin. shes considered one of the best erotic fiction writers. i prefer one of her collections a lot more than the others, ill find the name and include it if youre interested.

  11. wow, that person writing in caps is gross. i dont get the point of these posts. is shit like this from russia or something, and that's why they're so clueless and blatantly sexist?

  12. i love hearing about people having wholesome sex, extra points for some kinkiness included. congratulations to you both on your lives. #goals

  13. I wrote the long detailed version last night….check it out

  14. ooh okay i will check it out! you rule and im honestly proud of you. it must have been triggering to get bullied online for that. i will be looling for your detailed version

  15. If im under-medicated, im much more worried about everyone than I was before

  16. Way too many scammers out there. I don't give handouts anymore. I do give to things like the salvation army.

  17. Literally contributing to a multi-million dollar corporation thst takes donations for free and then sells all of it because of "scammers". Who the fuck is living off of begging for money who is "scamming"? That doesnt exist, whatever the situation, even if they got a home or a other job. Even if they are faking a disability, they are all just trying to survive in a fucked up world that works the way it does for no better reason than thats the way it worked when it started. Theres no logic, and all luck

  18. No dude, the whole, "maybe theyll spend it on drugs, how can I tell if they spend it on something besides just food and water" thing is racist and fucked up. I know you didnt say that, but its a little the same thing. Buddhist monks live off alms too, are they "faking it"? If you live off begging it doesn't matter what your housing situation is or any other for that matter.

  19. Hey, oxycodone is vicodin, very different from H, if yiu make that "jump" this could be your last post

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