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  1. Pay my car off. And I wouldn't trade it in to buy a new one like most would. It's reliable and $250 a month I could save.

  2. Why do you think most people would trade it in?

  3. They are super efficient and run a great business model. I enjoy the food there as well. It’s not hard to see why Chick Fil A is successful, regardless of their views.

  4. I like how you got downvoted first pointing out obvious facts about the business.

  5. The Chick-fil-a knockoff from McDonald's is waaaaaay better. Also, doesn't ruin my insides like Chick-fil-a tends to do.

  6. What? It’s so much worse. I swear everyone here is lying by saying chick-fil-a isn’t good lol

  7. His last solo tour was Deadwing heavy from the PT tracks he played (with a mic drop rendition of Arriving). I think for this tour he commented that they would focus on other parts of their catalog than what his last solo tour focused on.

  8. Sentimental and anesthetize were both nice to hear, but I was one of 2 unfortunate shows to not get any deadwing.

  9. We have to do a record company so I’m doing Epic records. Rn I’m inspired by the word “epic” and Epic poems (like the Odyssey) and the “hero’s journey” plot line that exists in those poems. I found a parallel between that and personal growth of musicians.

  10. Unrelated to your project but Epic records stole one of my pictures, used it for an Album cover art without my consent, and refused to pay me.

  11. I was only supposed to be paid $300-500 for the photo so I wasn’t sure if it was worth fighting in court. Unfortunately this type of thing is extremely common in the music industry.

  12. It's not so much that someone plays it, but how they play it, but I'll be rather impressed if someone plays Clair de Lune well (as in, actually rhythmic and clear etc)

  13. this is like the only piano piece I still remember how to play after not playing for like 2 years

  14. Still, to get drugged up for a PT show after 12 years of absence is so stupid. Why not be sober and enjoy all their hard work? Whatever! Kudos to him for lasting lol

  15. I had a few lightbulb suns personally but I’m on vacation so I’m gonna make the most out of it 😜

  16. What's a lightbulb sun supposed to be? Only know it as the name of an album

  17. It was lemonade, ginger ale, and whiskey.

  18. But without milk humans bones turn literally to dust, it happened to my second degree cousin.

  19. I’m from Chicago too. They’re all north siders and downtowners that don’t have to deal with the “peasant” problems. The amount of times I’ve seen them post pictures of the skyline or the lake shore beaches saying “oh yeah what a hellhole Chicago is” it’s like yeah no shit it’s nice in the neighborhoods where medium income is $150k.

  20. So poorer areas are more likely to experience crime. What do you recommend we do to fix this?

  21. This, lol. I was kicked out at 16 and after couch-surfing for a few months I moved into a studio apartment with 4 other people.

  22. I'd say Denzel Curry and JID fit that pretty well. Sure Ultimate got memed a bit but he certainly didn't blow up after that, and both their bodies of work speak for themselves

  23. I didn’t even know Ultimage was a denzel song until last year 😭

  24. I bet that monster says "jif" for GIF

  25. That’s how the creator of gifs pronounced it though

  26. This summer I saw Motley Crue, Rammstein, and now PT. Rammstein was engineered brilliantly. Crue (Stadium tour in general) and PT both sounded terrible in the same way. They sounded as if you had earplugs in, but didn’t. Or, they sounded like you were listening to them through your neighbors walls.

  27. I thought it sounded fine in Chicago personally.

  28. Ironically, Queen did make a song about wanting to ride bicycles.

  29. Really really would have liked to hear at least a single song from Deadwing since that’s my favorite album, but was a great show nonetheless.

  30. I wouldn't mind hitting a bar with some people before the show! I'm from Charlotte and just flew in.

  31. I’m going to kitty O’Sheas. It’s about 2 blocks south. Google will find it

  32. Still there? Or did y’all head over to the show?

  33. Sounds like their dynamic pricing is really not very dynamic if they ever have to lower prices. Funny that.

  34. I’ve had dynamic pricing work in my favor before. For RHCP the pit tickets dropped from $300 to $100 day of show.

  35. This makes me so sad :/, they should drop the ticket prices down to $5

  36. I wonder if someone could compile a list of setlist differeces between each show with the first show, behind a spoiler of course

  37. You can find all of the set lists on and look for yourself!

  38. I believe it starts at about the 4 minute mark. I read somewhere that Steve Wilson actually lengthened the intended solo part because Alex sent in multiple takes and he wanted to use more than one. My guess is you hear one solo "end" and another short one begin so they overlap and that was the addition.

  39. I haven’t really listened to much Rush outside of Moving Pictures, and the song working man. Any suggestions?

  40. Kind of wish it was just all housing, but I'm not really an expert on what's needed in terms of office space.

  41. I think in terms of walkability it’s good to have a mix of offices and housing.

  42. Whos is going to fill the offices? There is already a ton of empty office space in charlotte, work from home isn't going away. More housing would make more sense.

  43. 90% of new developments in and around south end seem to be for housing. Only time will tell who fills the office space I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  44. So has Steven laxed his policy about phone cameras at concerts? I'm going on the 30th and am a bit nervous about taking pictures.

  45. Just don’t take pictures. I’ve never been to a phone free concert and I’m really looking forward to that element.

  46. I’d literally swap out any song on the set list for Arriving lol, it’s my favorite from them.

  47. I absolutely agree. UNTHINKABLE that Halo would be included in the setlist when Arriving Somewhere is not. Who made that decision? Not playing Arriving Somewhere is a big FUCK YOU to the fans.

  48. Deadwing is my favorite PT album so it’s sad to only see one song from it. Absolutely love Halo though!

  49. I've gotten lots of really great tickets at a fairly low face value last minute. If you're willing to chance it it's worth waiting

  50. Since there’s so many available still I might as well try to get one last minute, it’s not that I don’t want to support the band, money is just tight.

  51. Maybe Charles did a deal, "no pay but great exposure on social media"

  52. Tbh this is the one job I would do just for the exposure.

  53. I hope they play ASBNH and Mellotron scratch, sound of Muzak would be cool too.

  54. rip, still holding out hope that they add it to some later show dates

  55. Really hoping they add Arriving Somewhere to the setlist. I see them in Chicago next week so I'm still holding out hope.

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