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  1. Because Scott was actively trying to prevent a victim from sharing their story and H3 is trying to help them. You clowns are so deluded its scary.

  2. I don’t think criticizing David on his subreddit is going to change anything, a majority of fans are secure in their position about him. It is disheartening to know a majority still discredit Seth and call him a liar, not surprising that he was scared to come forward all these years. My best bet is fans look back on this situation embarrassed realizing the type of person they supported.

  3. FUCK YOU trying to use someone else’s story to make others afraid about something they will most like survive❗️

  4. "FUCK YOU trying to use someone else’s story to make other care about something they will most like survive" has got to be one of the most unempathetic statement I've read in a while. I would never THINK of saying that to anyone who's suffered lose of family due to this virus OR cancer, that's insane.

  5. This is unrelated to the topic discussed in the video but please (try) not to include this women in any future commentary on social issues. She’s continuously spread harmful information on sexual assault that’s extremely damaging to male victims.

  6. Hi! Could I get the OG cast Act 1 video? I've been trying to look for pieces of the 2014 performance for my English essay and have had 0 luck so far ):

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