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  1. Also she doesn't think that haymitch did it to increase her survival, she thinks he did it to ensure that peeta survives

  2. Right but even then when Johanna says “for you,” she’s talking directly to Katniss. She had to have known something was up, no?

  3. Yeah we exist. I’m in a monogamous relationship and I’m happier than I’ve ever been with him.

  4. You hold the fuck out. Just hold out. I met him 4 years ago and I’m in my late 30’s, and after 2 decades of dating and experiencing life with soul connections and other beautify things, I knew he was for me, and so did he.

  5. I don’t mean to rain on your experience, but you saying “hold out” to someone in their early 20’s, and you’re in your late-30’s seems a bit daunting. I don’t want to have to wait that long.

  6. Yeah I wouldn’t hope for anyone to have to wait that long. But in the gay dating world and with how people communicate and date, or don’t communicate and don’t date - which is more accurate, it’s a tough world to live through.

  7. I have very limited medical knowledge but didn't Katniss go to the feast to get medicine for his infection

  8. Yes, and then it would make sense. But the Feast wasn't until 8 days after she found him.

  9. He was wearing his plot armour.

  10. I suppose, but the way it was described was a large, open wound. Those are hard to bandage up and even then when exposed takes only a small amount of bacteria to start a cascade. That pneumonia part? Yep, he was down there for 6 days. I know it's an eye roller, but it seems Peeta definitely should've died.

  11. Developing Effie's relationship in the movies. She was much more personable and actually had a strong character arc throughout the films. Elizabeth Banks absolutely nailed the character.

  12. I might get a lot of hate for this, but I don't care. Katniss' mother towards the end of the series was terrible. I can understand her going into a catatonic state regarding her husband's death; mental health services aren't exactly a commodity in District 12, so I get it. She internalized all that trauma.

  13. I prefer to be blocked because is he not responding because he’s busy or because he’s not interested? I don’t wait to find out, so I block after 5 minutes. But ya, i prefer to get blocked asap.

  14. 5 mins? I understand if he’s offline, but you gotta give it at least a day lol

  15. I have also seen it that way. Usually if I reject an older gentleman they say “ok, thanks”. But guys closer to my age tend to get belligerent

  16. That’s interesting. I’ve kinda noticed older guys will ignore the rejection, but younger guys will be cool about it.

  17. Ships would also be fun; I.e. voting for canon and big fan ships. But I dunno if OP is up for organising another poll

  18. To be honest, I'm pretty shocked at the results. A mere 5 votes separated the series' biggest antagonist from the series' most entertaining character. I expected Snow or Coin to win, but not by that close a margin, proving once again the fandom has differing opinions on how a villain should be determined.

  19. I would imagine as the days progress, the hunger eventually fades. He most likely pissed himself, and as for pooping? Well when you don’t eat a lot you don’t poop a lot.

  20. What? My female friends would definitely disagree about straight guys being too scared to approach someone

  21. Guys who approach are usually the very confident guys. They are not in the majority.

  22. lmaoooo even the ugliest mf will shoot his shot

  23. I know, I know. Snow is the obvious choice here, but isn't that boring?

  24. I love how you unapologetically praise and advocate for Caesar lol. Guess it’s the purple hair 🕺🏽

  25. Are we allowed to re start it and automatically put Cato in the top spot again?

  26. Katniss is the type of person to have all their negative energy from experiences coalesce into this huge bubble and then explode. We don't get any sign of emotion aside from extremely traumatic experiences (volunteering for Prim, Rue's death, D12's bombing, thinking Peeta almost died (THG and CF), Gale's whipping). Katniss almost never shows emotion when pain is inflicted on her.

  27. Your logic is flawed. Let’s equate it. How you are presenting your ideas, is very similar to how civil rights activists were in the 60’s. The white people who racism didn’t apply to worked with black people to rid of discrimination. Did it affect white people! Nope. Were they told to ignore it as if it didn’t pertain to them? Yep!

  28. This basically makes no sense. Can you explain your point a little more clearly?

  29. I’m essentially saying any idea that perpetrates harmful ideas should be discussed and not simply ignored because it doesn’t apply to a specific population.

  30. Wheres the “ I don’t do hookups/results” option

  31. The one where you don’t answer. There’s no point in having that as an option.

  32. Nope. I'm a bald, bearded and booted bear who prefers to Top. It's easy to hook up or get a date.

  33. I voted for Caesar this time, next time it’ll be for Snow purely because of the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ damage. I hope Cato or possibly Clove wins but movie-Seneca Crane was actually quite endearing and I would not be made if he takes it.

  34. Remember you’re voting for who played antagonist/villain the best, not their actions.

  35. Nothing says “I don’t trust you” like asking for STD testing and results. Not the best start to a healthy relationship in my opinion, but I hope it works out for you.

  36. Yes and no. There's a healthy level of precaution one takes in relationships and actually should, in all relationships. While you should trust your partner isn't doing certain things, it's important to have those conversations even with a potential partner, and for good reason.

  37. Genuine question. How on earth do you find someone who has not been cheated on? Like, do such people even exist?

  38. I mean I’ve never been in a relationship so I’m right here lol

  39. Do I tell him or do you guys tell him?

  40. I have a hard time classifying tributes as villains since they’re victims of Panem, especially the victors who return for the Quarter Quell.

  41. Fair enough, though the term "villain" is in reference to our protagonists who would otherwise be seen as the "heroes" for storytelling purposes.

  42. That makes sense, and I didn't mean any disrespect to you for the poll or the way it's set up--I know these things take a lot of effort and they're fun for the sub! My comment was just meant more in the general sense of the story at large.

  43. No disrespect taken at all! 😃 but yeah it’s interesting how these characters can be seen. That’s what I love about this series: there are no heroes and villains, just people trying to survive.

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