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  1. I didn't know that, thank you. But it's 4 now since Pluto is removed apparently.

  2. Hi, I'm still in solar system without giving fucks to what folks from earth think about me. Cheers 🥳🍻

  3. I can see the headlines in a few billion years, Breaking: Due to solar warming Pluto has melted.

  4. By that time, I will leave this shitty solar system. Enough of this drama.

  5. & in India, only the lowest caste (Dalit) cleans the toilet, so franchise employees all ignore the job as it's 'beneath them'. Haven't been to India in a bit so maybe it's changed..

  6. Haha, I live in India and it's definitely changed now because Dalit population is also slowly progressing (Current president of India is Dalit). However, castism still exists among majority of population. Every year thousands of couple commit suicide because of this. If a guy from a high caste and a girl from a lower caste decides to marry, their family would never accept their relationship, so many people I see give up on their lives because of such pressure from society. It's so sad and I have grown up reading such incidents.

  7. wait really? I though way more countries like the UK, germany, france, etc. would have gone by now

  8. Europe has a common space agency ESA. They are such an advanced space agency but are not focused on sending humans to space on their own. European astronauts often travel via the US ( SpaceX, Nasa) to space.

  9. My opinion says such data explains whether employees are satisfied with the work environment.

  10. Thanks for this. Kindly check response. I modified your request a bit.

  11. Interesting response. They have only mentioned about the attrition rate and number of employees resigning from ISRO HQ and not other centers. Wonder why is that.

  12. Again just a date but nothing on what sort of tests have they done or are remaining.

  13. I was planning to file one RTI again. Do you think they will vomit something ? Although I have a little hopes but let's see if things are changed a bit under new leadership.

  14. Nice side-view of the roll out.

  15. As if they have forgotten they own their own website..

  16. I guess that little details on fuel given at workshop finally got someone to ask the obvious.

  17. Per Nandini Harinath (@2hr6min), in April 2022 they faced increasingly long eclipse period, barely survived 6.5 to 7 hrs long ones. In near future there are no long eclipses but they barely have any propellant left onboard as 20 kg out of 33 kg of it were spent in Jan 2017 modifying the spacecraft's orbit to survive oncoming eclipses and ~2.5kg per year is required for maintenance.

  18. Any idea she gave on how many years/months MOM is expected to work with remaining fuel?

  19. Khaleel Ahmed and Chetan sakariya both bowl 140+ kph and swing the ball, plus they're left handed.

  20. Dhoni accelerates at a ridiculous rate once he crosses 30 balls,even at the age of 41 he would do so. He would get out at 70-75 had he faced as many balls as Rizwan did.

  21. It's because some folks can't digest any word against their beloved Thala.

  22. If I'm correct this didn't happen for a first time. In England also, a similar clash between fans was observed during Pakistan vs Afghanistan match. Why such anger? India and Pak rivalry is more intense than this, but hardly you see such behaviour from fans.

  23. Great, best news. For those like me who follow regional commentary, the regional commentary of star is the best. Sony is pure shit.

  24. They can arrange visas for cricket players. But for fans and media personals it's hardest. However, It will be interesting to see their visit to India next year.

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