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  1. I’m not even going to get in WCJ but basically he would not have been who he is now in Chicago. He needed the change of scenery.

  2. Beal isn’t 30 check your facts. Barton and Wright project to be backups with limited roles — not franchise cornerstones like Derozan and Vuc.

  3. 29 sorry, he’s got 1 more year until he falls off the cliff according to you. Funny how You keep moving the goal post when it comes to players over 30 lol

  4. I mean, 29 vs 30 is not a big difference but facts are facts. And the reason I cite that age is because statistically that’s when players start to decline. I expect Beal will be no different but he has an extra few years on them. The reality is that we have seen the best of Derozan and Vucevic already.

  5. West: Nuggets, Warriors, Clippers, Timberwolves, Pelicans, Grizzlies, Mavs, Suns, Kings, Blazers.

  6. Yes (I sneakily edited because I totally blanked on the Mavs)

  7. Nah you don’t want him. He has rabies

  8. Bill Plaschke has a cleft asshole and I have to deal with beat reporters like Tony Grossi

  9. I just realized Reddit is like Around the Horn and we are all Tony Reali upvoting and downvoting commentary arbitrarily. Plaschke just got eliminated - “any last words Plaschke?”

  10. I didn't think so. He was probably always the worst defensive starting center. At least bottom 5

  11. He’s not great defensively but he was tasked with playing cleanup for an abysmal Wizards perimeter defense.

  12. Loved TB with the Wizards. 1000% hustle which was also his shooting percentage.

  13. You see, many of us in the city are not used to the excessive bad behavior of drivers as is commonly found in the provinces. In fact what the local young guys are doing, in the city is what my brother and his friends were doing in a MoCo parking lot back in the early 70s, or the auto shop guys were testing their cars on Gold Mine road.

  14. Sure, I agree he should probably not be a paint player. But his draft profile heavily emphasized his interior defense and I don’t see any team playing him as a wing. He’s also injured right now, from his first time going up against an elite nba player inside the paint

  15. He still blocks a shit ton of shots. That’s gonna be the case regardless of his weight/strength. Doesn’t mean he’s a traditional paint big.

  16. I disagree. Usually his long frame allowed him to stick with players in the post after a few bumps and hits but if a player like Zion or LeBron posts him up, after a hit or two he’ll go flying. It is also way riskier to be that wiry in regard to injuries, it’s not all up to chance that the dude is missing his rookie season. If he stays healthy and bulks up a tiny bit I agree with u tho

  17. There’s a difference between a post player and a player who blocks shots. Chet isn’t and shouldn’t be a post player.

  18. Right? It would take a lot of convincing to get me into that water.

  19. Well of course almost any player in the league is available for the right offer, just depends on if the offer matches what the team wants.

  20. Is this never ending posting of negatives of the city being paid for by the FOX news channel?

  21. I’d rather be informed of reality and deal with the negativity than be delusional and think everything is fine.

  22. It’s based of ESPN employee voting so it kind of is BS honestly. Smart people there like Zach Lowe didn’t even vote.

  23. Yep, to add to that suggestion, you could use “Metropolitan Statistical Area” as the unit of geography (which basically encompasses what we consider as Cities/surrounding suburbs) and take into account “per capita” so you aren’t just favoring the larger cities/states.

  24. Might want to avoid open ocean and head to a lake or pond if strenuous is not your style. Check the weather, be selective about how windy is too windy.

  25. We want more transit and what do we get, another line to DC. Who in Baltimore is going to pay the high fare rates when you can take the Marc. This is a horrible project and only serves few people in the region.

  26. Pretty good highlights. Hoping he proves a lot of people wrong this year.

  27. Hah was getting ready to say wasn’t the Baltimore harbor just named the most toxic water in the world?

  28. No way that’s true, harbor is actually swimable most days.

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