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The Christian Taliban

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  1. Poor baby's local political career has been ruined by a bunch of Dead kids he failed to save

  2. That cat has sensitive teeth and is exhibiting a pretty obvious pain response. Takes a lot for cats to obviously react to pain. Get your cat to a vet and stop posting for clout.

  3. Muslim woman aren't allowed to show their face, or be in public without a man among other fun things. You're lying to yourself if you think Muslim and Christian cultures are the same lol.

  4. My dude, Manchin is the Republican in Manchin's seat. Wake up and smell the coffee!

  5. Um, dumb question. Why is it spelled like that? I see everyone spelling it that way.

  6. Presuming you mean the slightly odd placement of crosses inserted into the name - simply put, we aren't sure. The earliest and best-quality Ulfberht swords tend to have the '+VLFBERH+T' spelling, so most historians presume this to be the 'original', which was subsequently copied (counterfeited?) with varying degrees of accuracy. Theories why it was spelled like that range from a desire to set it apart from other inscribed weapons whose inscriptions are bracketed by crosses, to the theory that it indicates that Ulfberht was a churchman (and therefore was probably a local bishop or the person who commissioned the blade).

  7. To make things even more confusing, Viking blacksmiths made counterfeit U-swords. Because. You know. Brand name sells.

  8. I think it's overwhelming likely that all of the U-swords that we've yet found are imitations of an undiscovered original or originals.

  9. Remember people getting report-spammed off Twitter by hordes of slathering nationalists for daring to suggest that this was obviously happening?

  10. Didn't know there was one. This one is what popped up and I didn't come here to post. I actually came here because of the Black Tom Explosion.

  11. Black Tom is a commonly 'unknown' historical event that is simply rarely taught or talked about, not some kind of parallel dimension. You've done something called 'learning', not swapping dimensions. Congrats.

  12. Ahah just a little tongue in cheek comment my dude. Like, you don't need to appeal to parallel universes, you are allowed to just learn things. I know I do all the time.

  13. Lots of missing information here! What country and state are you in? Also, every possibility that you just heard one in an unusual set of acoustic conditions.

  14. You know that Simpsons meme with the two monkeys knife fighting whilst everyone else watches? That's you with other Christians.

  15. There is a strand of crypto-fascist thought which sees trans people as part of something they call 'Jewish transhumanism', which cites an interpretation of the Torah in which the human body is divine in essence. Therefore Jewish politicians and wealthy elites are pushing 'trans ideology' for reasons. Quite what this actually has to do with trans people I'm not sure (I think it's literally no deeper than that they both have 'trans' in the name), but it does crop up in mainstream transphobic discourse with alarming regularity.

  16. Its kinda funny because I live in Israel and ultra orthodox jews are anti-LGBTQ just like religious Christians, or even more

  17. It's all garbage that falls to pieces under the barest examination.

  18. Yet again - this is why telecommunications cannot be permitted to reside in the hands of profit-taking companies. Stupid turf wars over market share set actual technological progress back, whilst only restricting service access to what remains profitable for shareholders. They should be run as a public service, owned by everyone.

  19. See how amped you are about this, calling someone a snowflake? Seriously, tone it down. View points on how governments should run is really not a personality.

  20. I am cool as a cucumber lol, like I said, projection is a helluva drug.

  21. Seems to definitely have Roman/Greek influences or am I mistaken?

  22. Well spotted - the Staffs Hoard helmet was a type called a ridge helm, which is made from several smaller iron or bronze plates strapped together with a strong 'ridge' from nape to brow (the Sutton Hoo helmet is also a ridge helm). The style originated amongst Sarmatian and Scythian foederati (levied allies) horsemen, and spread across the Late Roman Empire as they were deployed to various border regions. The reconstruction with the red horsehair brush makes the Roman connection even more obvious!

  23. If you struggle to relate to other people online, I suggest you do things in, you know, the real world? There's no need to write others off as 'NPCs', that's toxic as all hell. It seems like, because you personally can't see the point in other people's activity, then that must mean they're somehow 'fake'? This is a pretty concerning and self-centred attitude to take, no?

  24. Ah I see, so there is a Skeptic Discord, but nobody you know is in it, and you've got no evidence of it.

  25. Are you sticking around for a third humiliation, and do you deny that you claim refer to yourself outside of Reddit as a 'cat daddy'?

  26. You're literally the only person here who thinks this is some life and death struggle between the Devil and God. Unless that's all just an embarrassing fursona too.

  27. Thank you for posting these, Spec. It's very thoroughly demonstrating that your 'Skeptic Discord' lie was a sick fantasy from day one - I've upvoted this so that it can be seen more frequently. You realise that these show you to be entirely and completely unreliable as a source of evidence, right?

  28. Uh, pretty sure this shows that you're the gullible one, Charles. You're the one who fell for the ridiculous story lol. Cat daddy.

  29. At least you've dropped any pretense of this being anything to do with a 'Skeptic Discord' I suppose. Small mercies.

  30. Physically assaulted in order to torture evidence? And you say I'm the one with the deeply diseased mind, Charlie boy, lol.

  31. I'm more than happy to post our conversation in which you tell the story of your 'meeting' with the 'source', in which you claim you and Hyperion physically assaulted a 'Discord Member', whom Hyperion appears to have gotten the number of from a public toilet wall (???), and whom you tortured until they agreed with random names that you asked them to verify. I'm still split as to whether it's a creative writing exercise, a paranoid delusion, or whether you did beat up a random person and were successfully bamboozled by Hyperion into believing in all of this garbage.

  32. Go ahead and post it, cat daddy. Full disclosure, I'm enjoying this latest meltdown from you, and so are the rest of

  33. I mean I probably would phone the police if I thought it wasn't just incoherent ramblings which undermines every shred of credibility you've attempted to 'prove' the non-existent Skeptic Discord with.

  34. Yep I think that's a pretty reasonable explanation of our perceptual relationship to the world. It's far simpler and more consistent to understand the world as a shared reality with which we have an imperfect relationship, mediated by perceptual shortcuts, than a series of parallel realities which are unique to individuals and which are perfectly perceived by every person and which we can 'flip flop' between through some hitherto unknown mechanism. It's just needlessly complicated, and requires an enormous amount of arbitrary assumptions with no evidence whatsoever. Good find 👍

  35. Cheers, That inconsistency is what annoys me most about the spooky explanations.

  36. Yeah man I too love to provoke dominance behaviour from my dog for social media likes

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