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  1. I think they’ll be embarrassed! Especially with their names. Unfortunately, I think other kids may make fun of them!

  2. She HAD to make a video with the fake accent because in the other 2 “apology videos” she sounds like a valley girl!!! She’s so dumb!!!

  3. 🤣🤣🤣 i can watch this over and over! It never gets old! Alec had to get her into this Hispanic festival (People en español) saying, “my wife is from Spain”, “my wife is from Spain” and her constant “we” including herself as a person from Spain is beyond disgusting!!!

  4. I have not watched all of her videos but I noticed she is more accent than Spanish with the kids. A word or 2 here and there but why no Spanish speaking with the kids on video when she is in control of the editing. Even the Carmen vids where she is speaking Spanish was Hilary goin back and forth with her?

  5. I think Carmen is the only child that speaks Spanish pretty well-ish. Hillary really worked hard to teach Carmen Spanish being her first child. Then, Hillary realized how hard it was because it’s not a natural language for her so she now relies on the nannies and their school to teach the rest of the kids.

  6. This old bitch is such a try hard!! She puts on an accent in certain surroundings! Portage park is heavily populated with Hispanics ! So of course she needs to bring out her fake Spanish accent! This bitch needs to grow up! I have a lot of second hand embarrassment with her videos! She tries to act like a teenage “influencer”

  7. I lived in Madrid for a summer and those gals look nothing like my Spanish family or the locals where I lived.

  8. Those girls are definitely Spanish from Spain. 💯My family in Spain(Málaga) are all black hair, olive skin and very dark eyes. In Spain not everybody looks the same! Some are light and some are dark! It mostly depends on what part of Spain you are from. One is not more than the other either. There have been studies done showing the dna in a lot of Spain has a lot of African blood.

  9. She’s sounds so stupid! Let me just say that Heather stays in downtown Chicago and the Chicago suburbs because she knows nobody will do anything to her there! If she did this especially with that weird-ass accent she does anywhere else in Chicago she’d 100% get her ass beat! I live in Humboldt Park in Chicago and she wouldn’t last a minute!

  10. Does he think someone out there actually gives a fuck about his pointless ramblings? Why can't he talk to his wife instead? They both do this. They both subject the public to their driveling minutiae when they should just be talking to each other. Just shows how sucky their marriage must be.

  11. Exactly! Alec Baldwin truly believes that he is so wise and the people watching and listening to his ramblings are receiving a very special gift!!! The delusion is real! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pink baby…Hillary must be real upset about her pink baby

  13. Europe has pink babies in them!

  14. Never said they didn’t! My comment was this is the pinkest baby I’ve ever seen. It’s funny because Hillary always talks about her Olive complexion.

  15. There was an Asian woman who rode in her car one time. We don't know if it was voluntarily though.

  16. You’d think because that top left picture was the beginning of her downfall, she’d want to keep that in the shade! 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Not only the dress but she has Rosalía on in the fucking background!!!! UNBELIEVABLE

  18. Somebody else posted this but I think it’s necessary to repeat…I FEEL AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT WHEN SHE USES THIS ACCENT! Bitch, YOU WERE CAUGHT!!! We know you grew up a privileged white preppy girl in a very affluent neighborhood. You went from rich to richer!!! That is your life….and that is all!!!!! That is you story!!! THE END!

  19. She reminded me that … she lies about her name… she lies that she’s Spanish with her dipshit fake accent… now she’s using the fact that she had a baby to pretend that she can’t remember how old she is so she’s 10 years younger get the fuck out of here

  20. I experience a very uncomfortable amount of second hand embarrassment when she does this accent! Bitch, everybody KNOWS you were born in the U.S. and your accent is not real! Get some help gringa!!!!

  21. Am I missing something here? What does “Fuck 12!” have to do with rapist and racist cops? Does she think that’s a cop’s ID number or something?also, telling her location… AGAIN. Dumbass. But don’t let Xavier tell the ops (his dad) where they are!

  22. It’s slang for “fuck the police” … 12 being some sort of police code on the radio. It’s often used in high crime areas as a warning of “company”

  23. It’s common in Hispanic and Latin cultures. Not EVERY PERSON does it but a lot do. I’ve mentioned this here before but my grandmother was born and raised in Spain. She gifted my sister and I and all my female cousins gold micro-hoops at birth. It was tradition, and yes I was wearing micro-hoops at 3 months old 😱😱 I pierced my daughters ears at birth but didn’t do the hoops…I was too Paranoid

  24. I thought it was adorable!!!! 💯 I do think it's odd that she has absolutely no accent I can detect now No?????? Oddly enough toddler Carmacita's accent was thiccer than my Mom's. 🤔

  25. It’s normal for children, especially if Spanish is their first language to have an accent at first. When they first start speaking English their is an accent, then after a while it goes away. Same thing happened with my kids.

  26. Love me some Jesus and LOVE me some Porsha from ATL housewives!!! Thanks for posting girl!!! I would pay money to see the ATL housewives rip into Hilary’s stupid ass!!! I also love that he said, “ Latinos/Spaniards, we take our heritage, we take our culture serious…DON’T PLAY WITH THAT!!! So, if you’re LYING about that, we’re going to call you out and we’re NEVER GOING TO LET YOU FORGET ABOUT IT…PERIOD…alright?!?” PEPINOS WILL NEVER LET THIS WANNA-BE FORGET WHAT SHE DID!!!! ❤️🥒

  27. One of my FAVORITE boys names is Mateo!!! It was between Mateo, Cristian and Nico for me….I went with Nico. ❤️

  28. It’s a beautiful name and I love it but Halyna’s husband is Matthew.

  29. Oh shit, I didn’t even think of that, you’re right!!! 😱😱 I thought maybe your son’s name was Mateo but I get what you’re saying!!!

  30. 🤣🤣 whenever I hear her speak in this video using that accent, it reminds me so much of Natalie Wood in West Side Story!!! This is definitely one of the most cringe accent videos! Her interview with Ricky Martin is a close second when she asked him(in her accent of course)how to raise bilingual children!!! If you’re Hispanic and Spanish is your supposed “native language”, that’s not a question you would have to ask another Hispanic person…EVER! She’s always been telling on herself!

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