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  1. Hearing my partner's heartbeat while we were cuddling

  2. Ok what’s the deal with Steak Frites? Just looks like a fantastic steak with a side of fries. What am I missing?

  3. Damn. A plow came by my house this morning right after I got done with my driveway, while I was standing there watching him, pushed a 3-foot berm of snow across the end of my driveway. :(

  4. I’m more worried about how she would feel about not being liked by my friends, I wouldn’t be to happy if her friends didn’t like me.

  5. Having the confidence to have faith in your own opinion and not care so much about what others think is something you learn growing up. It’s hard to do when you are a teenager. Peer pressure can be a lot. Good luck

  6. Random username generator

  7. Agreed. I like ordering "surprise me". I feel like that's the easiest thing for a bartender. Maybe they want to get me in and out so they pour a vodka and Sprite. Easy. Maybe they've wanted to make a Whiskey sour for ages, but no one ever orders one, so they can finally make it for me!... I'm trying really hard to wrap my head around why that would be a bad thing.

  8. Awesome!! I bet your daughter will always remember that. I wish they had that when I was a kid. I would have been super pumped

  9. If you go there you'll be inundated with tons of people trying to sell you things, scam you, or even kidnap you, right out of the gate. If you're good at saying, "NO!" you may get to do the things you wanted to. If you screw up you'll find yourself at some remote location being ransomed and/or scammed out of everything. Whatever your experience, you'll still be harassed nearly constantly. The locals have seemingly made scamming/harassing/molesting tourists a large part of their lives.

  10. That’s what happens in poor countries. I went there in 1997 and it was just like that. Still liked it though

  11. Why did you (and many other people) hate Bautista? That was such a weird stretch, he seemed to be hated for pimping one of the most famous home runs in recent memory and having a mild case of RBF. Odor on the other hand was literally just salty about his team losing the year before.

  12. Atari 2600. It was $100 which seemed like all the money in the world to 9 year old me.

  13. Jordan Peterson owns the left every day of the week and twice on a Sunday.

  14. Philosophically against. I don’t believe the government should decide who lives or dies. Period.

  15. Milan - Liverpool 2025 CL Final was an incredible game and it was on top of my list until, well Argentina - France WC Final.

  16. Italy - West Germany 1970, if you don't have see this game you must see it

  17. That game was commemorated as literally “the game of the century”. There is a plaque as azteca stadium.

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