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  1. 10 bucks says you won’t prove your claim by posting the receipt. There’s no way you only paid $70 for those groceries.

  2. Go to places based on your interests and try socializing with new people. You’re obviously not interested in the club scene, so naturally you have to find out where your flock hangs out and make friends there.

  3. The problem is that we don't know where to go ... We are open to different kinds of places. Do you have specific suggestions?

  4. Your Reddit history suggests that you enjoy theater. You can search google for performing arts centers in your area or you can use a ticketing platform like eventbrite to identify events based on your interests.

  5. The state not recommending the vaccine is a political stance, not a ban. Talk to your pediatrician and ignore the political posturing. Your pediatrician should be able to order the vaccine through Florida SHOTS.

  6. Doesn't he know what happens to frog when it's struck by lightning?

  7. Actively participate in democracy. Vote in local, state and federal elections. Voice your concerns to your city/county commissioner, state representative and senator, US senators and US house representative.

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