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Atheists, what do you believe in? [Serious]

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  1. She's a former prime minister of the UK who is hated by mostly people who weren't alive during her time in office but hate her anyway as its cool and edgy.

  2. I'm gutted we were beaten but we were beaten by a better team. We can only learn. Let's not forget, Saracens are still a team in a building phase. To get to a European semi final and to be 2nd in the premiership despite everything that has gone on, it's a testament to how good they are.

  3. Come to think of it, the previous line from Emille “I’m ready, how about you?” Struck me as odd when I first heard it. Now I know it is for the player, not so much for that one Elite.

  4. So glad you've posted this. I've been saying this for years. His words are directed at Noble 6 I think. He's asking 6 if he's ready to give his life to allow the autumn and humanity a fighting chance.

  5. I agree. I can't understand why a parent would think "someone needs to take a sharp instrument and cut off part of the genitalia of my child". I know that sounds brutal but it's the truth.

  6. Going to cop some flak here but I believe earth is the only planet to harbour life, based on the astronomical odds that really, we shouldn't exist at all.

  7. Definitely not a horror film but there is a scene in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar that scares me. One of the crew aboard thr endurance is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that their space craft is made from millimetres of aluminium and then beyond that......nothing. absolutely nothing, for millions of miles.

  8. Is no one going to mention Ewan McGreggor's trousers? Beige, jacked up and creased to high heaven.

  9. I'd love to see how we do against La Rochelle. Great team who aren't as mechanical as Leinster but have impressive forward power. Personally, I think Saracens can beat anyone in Europe.

  10. I forgot we did them at their own gaff!! Should be a cracker of a match but I think the boys will do the business!

  11. Seems like the biggest monster in your office is your co-worker. He's clearly insecure about himself if he feels he needs to berate you for your hobbies. Tell him to bore off.

  12. If Jones doesn't pick him now, we know it's out of spite. No other English 8 is racking up those stats!!

  13. To me it makes sense to have him and Dombrandt in the squad. They’re not exactly the same but you don’t have to massively change tactics like we do with Simmonds. Also he’s reacted brilliantly to being dropped.

  14. Yes, two very different 8's but as you say, you don't lose bulk in the scrum if you bring them on. I like Simmonds but I'm not sure where he fits in. We don't need try scorers, we need out and out back row forwards that can do the bread and butter. Ben Earl is a better choice than Simmonds.

  15. Ah, okay. I don't think it will make much difference. The boys are arguably the best team on the road.

  16. Can someone explain why Saracens have played a quarter final away and now a semi final away?

  17. Yeah, it was a class performance. There are hints of that 'coming to the boil' at the end of the season attitude like the 2018 season.

  18. They’re always dicks to the opposition, part of the charm. Obviously we are the pantomime villains so get it more than most.

  19. Money is the ONLY driver. When will companies learn? No one is motivated to work, we're forced to. We're held hostage. Wankers!

  20. Basic custodial work (trash emptying, bathroom cleaning, floor sweeping/mopping and/or vacuuming) should be a high school graduation requirement. Everyone needs to know what working that sort of job entails .

  21. The coach of a professional Australian Rugby League team made all his players work in hard, laborious, dirty jobs for a month. He wanted them to realise how lucky they were to have such talent but hard work was far more important.

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