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Texas school district locked down on reports of shooter

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  1. Hey I’m also interested in looking for small pc crt monitors. May I take look around at the place too?

  2. Not Viet but most of my friends are, and I grew up in a Little Saigon. None of their families speak French. The lasting cultural impact of French culture on Southern Vietnamese Americans are French = Fancy and baguettes. However, it’s not uncommon to see (mostly Catholic) Vietnamese people with slight European facial features such as a tall nose and lighter brown eyes.

  3. Who the hell would think Tesla will have a monopoly on making cars?

  4. A lot of people think Teslas are the Apple of cars. Not really a monopoly, but Tesla will definitely catch the upper middle class. It's common to see them on the road in the Bay Area.

  5. Why does no one ever mention the shareholders? Every public company's bottom line becomes increasing dividends for shareholders. Isn't that obviously where this corporate greed comes from? May be ban companies from going public and you'll see some of that corporate greed subside

  6. Keeping companies private sounds like it would make it harder for the middle class to invest their earnings…

  7. Yup, grow lots of nice fresh new vegetation to fuel the ‘23 fires!

  8. We really need to burn down some redwoods to decrease the frequency of future forest fires.

  9. There’s actually a ton of biofuel buildup from years of fighting forests fires which lead to infamous Californian wild fires. Fires are a part of the natural lifecycle of forests. I was wrong with the frequency, but prescribed burns would decrease the severity of wild fires in the future.

  10. Also known as the amount of value that was generated by the worker but was stolen from them

  11. Age extension exists currently but is in its infancy. Considering the markets interest in the technology I imagine it will proceed somewhat quickly. If you have good healthcare and were born in the 1990s I expect you be able, not guaranteed, able to hit age 100. In a few decades old age might be curable. You'd basically hit your forties or fifties and more or less stay there.

  12. All the age gains will be cancelled out by rising obesity and increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

  13. Sorry what is CPC? Do you mean CCP as in the Chinese Communist Party? Also please link me the based Lee Kuan Yew post. He is an inspirational leader.

  14. I promise you no Asian-Americans are bashing the Malaysian and Singaporean diaspora because there are barely any here (assuming you’re also American). I’ve never met a Singaporean-American, and the only Malaysian-Americans I’ve met are ethnically Chinese. Of course Malaysia and Singapore are going to be pro China. Malaysia is over 20% ethically Chinese, and Singapore is over 75% Chinese. The Chinese diaspora is know for building businesses across Southeast-Asia. You are consuming too much western propaganda.

  15. Immigrants can be citizens; do you mean residents? Also, Americans selling out their compatriots for some coin is just sad.

  16. Accounting is one of the least discriminating careers that guarantees a middle class life style.

  17. Just got my day screwed up in pre screening, getting shoved from city to city to make a deadline. It's very demeaning to be treated like a criminal, and worse, like I'm about to cheat on pee in a cup game.

  18. Yes, because we have an actual problem with mass shootings in this country. It needs to stop. People don't want sensible gun control, so this is the option we're left with.

  19. Holy shit no wonder the U.S. has the highest prison population. We should focus on rehabilitation rather than imprisoning our citizens. Imagine being 18 years old and spending the next 15 in prison. You guys are fucked.

  20. I live in South Africa and you can order free tap water in any restaurant. But ironically water bills from your house are unreasonably high. Make it make sense …

  21. In the U.S. we have to pay to use toilets and for ice water at restaurants. The U.S. is seriously a 3rd world country wearing a gucci belt. South Africa sounds like heaven compared to here.

  22. Hiding your bike > locking your bike properly. Thieves target bike racks, so hide your bike instead.

  23. That’s what I did. During the exit interview at the second firm, the recruiter was being extremely passive aggressive and kept grilling me about my internship with the previous firm.

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