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  1. Honestly, just a few months ago. I spent my entire life being the therapist friend, tending to all my friends needs, listening to them rant constantly about their own issues, big or small. I live a very positive life and have always been that person who will be there for you no matter what, staying up late to talk to a friend in need, and so on. I only have 2 close friends, one being a guy i grew up with, the other being my best friend since middle school.

  2. My best friend and I were on a school field trip to maryland when we were like 14, we ended up going to an aquarium and decided to meet up with this 17 year old that my friend had been talking online with for a while who happened to live in maryland. We strayed FAR from the group to hang with a much older guy we had never met. Looking back we realize how stupid and how badly it could’ve ended

  3. Not said, but we have a married couple who come in with their cats (they have upwards of 20), nicest couple ever. Last week we had to pull our only doctor out of their appointment to deal with an emergency and instead of this couple getting angry or upset, they sent us a card with a bunch of sweets thanking us for always taking good care of their animals and that they know it must be a very stressful environment since we’re so short staffed. It was just a card and a box of cookies, but it really stuck out to me. Those clients always make the job worth it :)

  4. Thanks! I've tried but didn't get the hang of it by now. Guess I'll kept practicing ^

  5. Use tape !! Sounds kinda funny but it works wonders and i still do it on occasion if i want them especially sharp :)

  6. Somewhat, a very long time ago though. I’m 21 now, but when I was 8 years old my best friend (also 8 at the time) was murdered by her fathers girlfriends estranged ex husband. He did it solely to get back at his ex wife for leaving him, he “attempted suicide” but failed miserably. He’s been on death row since I was 12. I still check his status at least once a week. I’ve been waiting on him to die in prison for a very long time, when the day comes, I’ll be happy.

  7. This is exactly how I found out about it, 2 years down the line. Met a guy at the party, somehow bad exes came up, he made a joke about it seeming like we dated the same person. We had, for a year and a half. It’s almost impressive how well hidden my ex kept it. Neither of us had any idea.

  8. I’m saying! They make living a complete double life easy. I’m sorry that happened to you

  9. That’s okay! It paved the way for much better things

  10. i was stoned and glued to the tv for hours. be prepared

  11. Who else is ready to move to Sugar Tit SC?

  12. Oddly enough, I myself am from Sugar Tit and one of my coworkers is from Fingerville !! Gotta love it

  13. Just second chance add-ons. If you don't want to get the bag I wouldn't keep it just for the Add-Ons. There's second chance add and pop-up, and flash sales . Plus ,I am sure the item you are interested in will come back around in the next months. But if you think you really need the add ons and it's in the budget go for it.

  14. I had this same issue (got mine out on Friday after being sick for a few days), I got nervous and called prior to the appointment and explained everything and they said as long as I didn’t feel I personally could move forward with the surgery due to being sick, and no fever, they were fine with doing it. I was worried about recovery but the drugs make you forget about how sick you feel !! Win win 😂

  15. My best friend’s cancer test was a false positive; he doesn’t have cancer.

  16. my personal favorites are a cockatiel named Obama and a beagle named Boobie

  17. When I stopped living my life for other people and decided to only do what made me happy, regardless of what others may think.

  18. My mother, she’s my best friend and has always been my go to

  19. Yes, My clinic is corporate owned though. They have offered to pay to have all “unlicensed techs” go to school and become licensed. But you have to sign a 5 year contract and if you quit/are fired during these 5 years, you are required to pay it all back. It has been offered to me, but i decided to do it on my own terms rather than be tied down by my clinic (it’s the worst, and many people are planning on leaving anyways). So it’s fair to say we all turned down this offer lmao

  20. Literally any song by The Growlers. My personal favorites are Black Memories, Night Ride, or Rare Hearts.

  21. My best friend dying when I was still quite young. Everyone always gave me the same “everything happens for a reason” speech. None of it made sense to 8 year old me and as I slowly got older I began questioning things and eventually decided I was not a religious person.

  22. That one back nail 😳 Owners like this irritate me so much!!!!!

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