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  2. GBDJ says:

    I need a passport for my 1 Y O, we leave on July 28th, I haven't submitted anything yet, I was going to try to get to Canada Place this afternoon. Should I even bother? Just wait till 48 hours before?

  3. I always get photos of my kids wherever, if they're half good that's fine. I get those signed by our guarantor. Then on passport application day, we get new ones at canada place. Those will be better. Then we bring all the photos upstairs and they use the new (but unsigned ones) but also scan the signed ones for record. So long as it's clear it's the same kid, there's no issue. Works best for me to cut out the stress of bad photos and not have to bring my guarantor to Canada place.

  4. GBDJ says:

    Awesome! That's really good to know

  5. They’re very good with taking baby passport pictures there. Can tell they have several years of experience. When we went, the two ladies there just took the little one, two camera snaps and it was over. Baby didn’t even have that “wtf/who are you people” squinting look on her face either.

  6. GBDJ says:

    That's what I need! Thanks

  7. GBDJ says:

    I'm glad someone has mentioned NMC and their delays, I'm creeping up to my 1 year anniversary of my pre-order of the Super 7 Prince John. I've contacted them a couple times, 1st at the end of last year asking for an ETA, and they essentially just said "no clue, check with Super 7" ...OK?? I've seen this figure on sale and ready to ship on other websites, so emailed them again a week ago, and in a bit of a nicer email they said just keep checking the website.

  8. I've emailed them about my Prince John figure too, and never got a response. And since then (10 or so days since I emailed) they've pulled all the Super 7 Disney Ultimate's from their site. So that's super awesome. Wish I had known how bad their rep was 2 years ago before I put in my order. Paying up front is a scam, won't be making that mistake again.

  9. GBDJ says:

    Did you get your money back?

  10. GBDJ says:

    Dope soundtrack too

  11. GBDJ says:

    This is the baddest video I've ever seen. OG

  12. GBDJ says:

    Man, this is the best thing I've seen in a while, sick ramp and hoops in the back yard! House parties must have been something at your spot.

  13. GBDJ says:

    I ordered that Prince John like a year ago, can't wait till it comes. Nice to see it, looks great!

  14. GBDJ says:

    All I can think about is that Simpsons episode when they rebuilt Flanders house. Same energy went into this.

  15. GBDJ says:

    Trini here. Spice Island just off Stony plain rd around Mayfield used to have them fresh on Saturdays I think, but they usually have some frozen, and their actually nice out of the oven.

  16. GBDJ says:

    His dad's name was Sylvester Stabone

  17. GBDJ says:

    Eggbeater Windmill.... new band name, called it!

  18. GBDJ says:

    I have the green symbol Cambridge's, super comfortable and great for skating plus they hella fresh. Lakai's are it for me.

  19. GBDJ says:

    Bro, your posts are the best thing on Reddit right now. Hope you get a chance to show some scouts!

  20. I'm a big fan of The Wire too 👌🏽

  21. Great show!! When we get a dog his name will be Avon Barksdale.. if it suits him.

  22. Yes haha or Dog Angelo Barksdale

  23. Don Rickles deserved an Oscar

  24. Best X 1000! You deserve some sort of lifetime achievement award or something for keeping all those capes and accessories 🙏🏽

  25. Bear in mind, this is a man who once told someone impromptu that his father is gay.

  26. George is also the same guy that said he coined thr phrase "Pardon my French "........

  27. Damn! I'm kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on this. Looks so prime

  28. seen in superstore and save on. would also recommend brioche buns!

  29. I haven't been able to find them at save on or super. But the brioche was another good option!

  30. I saw potato recently at superstore but forget which location. and I used to get potato from save on but that was awhile back. might have stopped carrying I guess.

  31. Probably my favorite one too

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