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  1. Ahhh but did she donate to save trains women’s lives? I don’t think so sweaty

  2. My uncle also trains man he is driver. Sometimes he gets death threats but never rape. Stay strong trains is a hard job

  3. Yeah I wonder if he’s gonna open up marked room in the Dorms right behind him

  4. What are they saying in the most annoying voice ever? What kind of girl?

  5. Unfortunately if TikTok is banned that style of social media will just be copied and replicated by a domestic company. Short attention span 5 second videos are here to stay

  6. I work both my FD and the AMR division that runs the 9-1-1 response in my city. You better believe i make them fuckers lift everything and everyone when I'm working Fire.

  7. That armband is fire. Sometimes you can barter it on flea for a marked dorms key if you want, or sanitars office

  8. It was my blood pressure medicine, I’m not sick I swear, I never got bit! It’s a joke!

  9. Why is always the fucking scavs on SHORELINE. Probably the most annoying / hard to find scavs of any map

  10. the only bad thing is 31m total stash. im a level 13 with 24.5m total stash

  11. Your PMC would probably be level 35 if you invested as much time into it as you did scavving

  12. Just coffee, used to drink monsters like the elixir of life but then I started getting chest pains and a resting heart rate in the 120’s so I cut that shit out

  13. I was on a huge caffeine addiction earlier in my career, monsters, pre workout (300mg), and evening coffee and it started to give me palpitations. I’ve cut back to 2 cups of black coffee a day and I feel 1000% percent better. I even found non-stim preworkout.

  14. Right, because if this engine was BLS things totally would have been different. It’s not Memphis Fire Dept’s fault that the ambulance service has staffing issues. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I was on an ambulance and was happy to have another Paramedic on scene to help with bad ALS calls. This argument is pointless.

  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but Memphis Fire IS the ambulance service.

  16. Split with Acadian and Memphis EMS. But just because firefitghers are dual role trained in EMS doesn’t mean they would be on an ambulance if they didn’t work at the fire department. You’re acting like Fire is stealing jobs from EMS and there would be more ambulances on the road if there weren’t ALS engine companies, which is incorrect. There are paramedic staffing shortages all over the country. Many ALS engine company medics were trained by fire department, and if the department was BLS those medics would just be firefighter EMTs, not medics on an ambo

  17. I’d feel more comfortable if I knew disarming meant the billionaires militias were disarmed too.

  18. It would be similar to how certain places in California issue concealed carry permits. When I lived in San Jose, the Sheriff got in trouble for only allowing the ~1% of people who get the permits to be her political allies, donors, and those who paid cash bribes

  19. It’s always the rural, low crime FDs that worry about fabricated scenarios like this. Somehow I worked in an inner city, low income, high crime area for years and it was never a problem.

  20. Yeah I can’t imagine any municipal full time paid fire departments allowing their FFs to carry guns. If there are I would be amazed. What kind of liability entails with a medically licensed firefighter potentially shooting someone having a medical emergency? In my state you can’t even enter an ambulance if you’re armed much less do patient care

  21. Funny thing is the guys at Boyd st would have been safer staying up on the roof. They got BBQed while trying to get off the roof.

  22. True. But they had no idea the entire place was filled with explosive aerosols. What a shitshow that fire was.

  23. Speaking of Tarkov, how is DxD’s progression system? Is there an economy of any type? I’ve been wanting to get into this game and am waiting for the upcoming play test. It looks really cool. Is there some depth to sink time into with this game?

  24. if they add a horse shit progression system that's confusing as fuck and trash gg ez it'll die the same way tarkov did

  25. Tarkov isn’t dead lol. But thanks for answering my question!

  26. I really wonder why America is so rich yet so violent and corrupt (at times). This is totally unrelated to this but I've heard of gang initiations where you have to beat a total stranger into the hospital or even kill them. It's hard to describe how completely unimaginable that would be in any other comparably rich country, even those with many immigrants, poor communities etc

  27. That’s a big thing with MS-13, a gang originally from Central America that now infests the US. There was a court case in California a few years ago where as a gang initiation they beat a convenience store owner almost to death for no reason

  28. I mean truthfully, it doesn’t. Militarized police is an extreme over reaction to crime rates. But cops have been beating people senseless since alcohol prohibition times

  29. My ears hurt from the interface sounds (loading in mag, inspecting items, receiving XP from items looted etc.) I guess now having interface sound on 10% doesn't reduce those noises which is quite bad

  30. Amazing how every update a completely random but super inconvenient issue appears

  31. I tell myself every wipe that this is the wipe I learn labs. I really want to.

  32. You can learn it in offline mode, that’s what I did. Initially, I was so scared of cheaters I’d hide in a bathroom for 20 minutes until they were all gone and fill my bag and leave lol

  33. He’s still alive. I feel like he’d be the only guy to somehow survive from 2007- present day in the soprano world

  34. Paulie and Junior in the nursing home, the new sitcom inspired by two and a half men!

  35. I'm asking out of curiosity and not to defend him, but would it be a war crime to execute partisans who ambushed and killed German troops? Did the Geneva convention not allow to execute captured enemy who blatantly tried to kill you?

  36. Yes it was a war crime. Geneva convention specifically outlaws executing any prisoners of war

  37. Thats the biggest point I got in mind. Although, they can just sweat tf out of pc blocks 24/7, which no streamer nor sane person would do, due to it being boring as hell. We can never know if they’re legit or cheating…

  38. No, we know for sure. They’re cheating. This game has a huge problem with cheating, obviously. And no one has found 52 graphics cards in the 3.5 weeks since last wipe. Not even someone playing 24/7

  39. That would basically end the game for me. Once I’ve got everything I want, I end up getting bored of Tarkov. Last wipe I was on a mission to collect all the colored labs keycards. Once I had em all (except violet smh) I thought I’d play strictly for PVP but tbh i got bored pretty quick.

  40. Attila is one of the best strategy games I cannot recommend to anyone, because I have no idea if I am wasting their money due to Attila's randomised allergy to different computer set ups. I had a wonderful time with Attila due to being lucky enough to have a system that could run it like butter. Others may find it completely unplayable.

  41. So weird. I run warhammer 3 at 80fps but Atilla on similar graphics/display settings tanks my PC into the 30fps percentile. But strangely enough my laptop runs Atilla great and I love the game lol

  42. I know it's hard to read small ID at a smoky structure fire at night, and all, but the badge on his hat is, like, parody-sized. I couldn't stop looking at it.

  43. It’s a shield and it depends on what type of helmet you wear and your department issues. He’s wearing a leather helmet, which is based on the more traditional, old designs. It’s meant to look like that it’s a classic firefighter style. Some people don’t like the leathers, it’s personal and dept preference really.

  44. That’s leather? How does it protect against falling objects?

  45. Well it’s called a leather but they have a composite structure underneath the leather, and inside it fits like a hardhat with room for the helmet to absorb an impact before hitting your head

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