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  1. They’re nervous AF watching what they will also be facing if they get stupid with Taiwan except it will be much more dangerous/worse for them.

  2. Absolutely right. China invading Taiwan will create WW3 without a doubt.

  3. Imagine in 2023 we'd be saying Russ needs to play more like Goff.

  4. That’s not even including all the other personnel that Mike and Robert took. Curious who DeMeco takes.

  5. He is definitely a stud, when healthy and in football shape.

  6. Agreed. It’s funny that you got downvoted for that fact. I don’t think we should trade Deebo but he’s not healthy a lot of the time and he’s not always in the best shape.

  7. You know, with the way things are right now, all NATO countries should step up production.

  8. Absolutely right. Seems inevitable at this point so better get on it now.

  9. He’s looked bad every time he plays. He’s very slow too. Never healthy. Not NFL material

  10. Kinlaw…. Just isn’t very good imo. Think there’s a good chance he gets cut. Between problems being healthy and lack of production when he’s on the field I think it’s time to move on from him.

  11. Almost got those the other day. I won’t even waste my money on em

  12. NFL would only wanna change that rule if it happened to Golden boy Mahomes or Golden grandpa Brady. They should never change the rule. It’s hard enough to make a play on a QB anymore

  13. Just eat a bunch of laxatives so you have diarrhea. No more logs that feel like a wiener dog going out of your butthole anymore. It’ll just be liquid. Also eating something spicy might help so you’ll get a nice liquid burn going. Sounds crazy but it just might help.

  14. I’m sure whoever destroys a western tank will totally absolutely 100% get their money hassle free 👌You’ll just have to go fight on the front line for a bit while they go grab your “cash” and you’ll have it in a jif 👍

  15. No need when there isn’t an opposing QB. Got a 4th stringer come in at fum and then he gets hurt….. What would Hurts passer rating have been if the Smith catch would been available to see so a review could’ve taken place?

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