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  1. Not sure what you're defining as either a generation or communism, but the USSR went from 1917 to 1991, and China started in 1949 and their hardcore communist period ended in 1976, but some argue they are still communist today. Ditto for Vietnam, which became communist in the early '50s in the North, and later the whole country, and is still run by a communist party, but also did a bunch of reforms in the '90s like China. Cuba has been communist since the '50s.

  2. It gives me serious ready player one vibes, and that's a really bad thing. It's basically abandoning irl for pretty avatars and fake experiences.

  3. the internet with an extra step in between. I can't imagine why users would ever want that

  4. I can’t imagine why everyone was obsessing about it when it’s clearly not even something most people would be interested in.

  5. I was surprised how much traction this story got on the rest of Reddit. People seem to initially feel like this is a big deal or something.

  6. “How does gambling impact anyone reee”

  7. The difference is Starlink actually has upsides to out way it’s significant downsides.

  8. Lol that’s literally what people have historically called “your bubble.”

  9. Yeah, I suppose Earth’s atmosphere is a bubble. Good call.

  10. You’ve talked to everyone within the atmosphere?

  11. Seriously, these people are just as bad as anti vax flat earth 5G theorists. I don’t give a fuck how well someone virtue signals their good morals, misinformation is misinformation plain and simple and it deserves to be met with the upmost prejudice.

  12. i mIght bE WrOnG bUT WhY WoUlD AnYoNe eVeR deFeNd a bIlLiOnAiRe?!

  13. In a space fantasy no less! I sure hope someone was fired for that blunder.

  14. What’s the point of showing it spinning at 1000 rpm and exploding if not to indicate damage or death of the character?

  15. Propaganda like from the movie Gravity is nuts and people believe this shit. Space is really, really BIG. You're taking the volume of the Earth and adding an additional 550km to every side.

  16. I think Elon(?) described it like this. There are 1.2 billion cars in the world. If your spread them all out over all the land, it’s be a decent walk from one to the next.

  17. Lol guys of course it’s a long way from being generally accepted.

  18. OP honestly right the crypto market would just go up forever 🤣

  19. There are already democratically run workplaces (worker owned, co-ops, etc.) so it’s not like it’s some far fetched fantasy. But if you’d rather prefer slaving under a corporate boss while he takes all the profit for the rest of your life, so be it. :-)

  20. No he thinks he can feel better about his losses by discrediting Bitcoin

  21. My bad, these were the parts I was referring to:

  22. That's one thing I just don't understand about business. They're trying to beat last year, every year.

  23. Everyone has growth goals, don’t you personally have financial goals as well?

  24. That doesn't follow at all. A privately run operator will continue to run a business that's not gaining new market share because it's profitable.

  25. It’s propaganda, it’s a deliberate attempt to discredit private business.

  26. Yes, I didn't mean literally get rid of every car on the planet forever. Moreso that the average person or household shouldn't need to own one to get around any given part of their city. And sure, more rural areas that aren't nearby to a local train line will probably need cars.

  27. It's truly not even the equipment but crew. This takes our special forces to almost quite literally get any where in the world in an hour. That's fast action to Intel. Not a 36 hr staging but 2 hrs.

  28. I just can’t think of a single situation where an entire Starship, making multiple sonic booms, and landing as loudly as a large bomb going off would be a military advantage.

  29. "Oh bugger, they're here!" they shout, hearing the incoming drop ships. Three of them come in, so hard and fast, they landed about the same time as they hear them. Doors have already swung open and the drones and men spew forth. They're here.

  30. “We know exactly where they are, roughly how many of them there are, and that they have no ride out of here.”

  31. People don’t understand how important the Federal Reserve is and how their decisions impact the entire world.

  32. Futures are up. It’s possible all the big players already knew last week.

  33. I never noticed how much information companies steal until I moved to Germany. Most Americans have absolutely no idea what's going on with their data. It's scary.

  34. It’s how most of our officers have fancy ass uniforms, it’s not for fighting but to give an impression.

  35. That could have been achieved without some of the only bulletproof material in the galaxy. It’s a huge waste to use those for a person that’s not typically in danger of being shot.

  36. It's stupid. It's stupid as hell. Why the fuck would someone make armor out of a ship that's 50 years old and not to mention was blown up by a assassination plot?!

  37. It totally makes sense that there’s only so much of this specific metal in the entire frickin Galaxy, that they had to salvage it from his ship. And then give it to one person who doesn’t even get sent into ground combat (where was she on Tokadona?).

  38. Yeah, sometimes he can be a bit cringey but there are so many, many, many other companies with CEOs doing purely evil shit, and nobody cares about them or even know their names.

  39. It’s the fact that he has done incredible things as a business leader and people really respect those accomplishments and are excited to more. That’s why they hate him more than the other CEOs, because people respect what he has accomplished. They hate when others get more respect than they do (even though they don’t do jack shit).

  40. Tesla itself was deemed impossible to achieve. SpaceX as well. Doesn't stop him from being like Steve Jobs. Excelling at something whilst being a dumbass at others.

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