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[SPOILER] Israel Adesanya vs. Alex Pereira

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[SPOILER] Charles Oliveira vs. Islam Makhachev

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  1. Was it awful or just too much dialog cause I liked it.

  2. US would be favourite in the series if skipping cutscenes was possible. It's the only reason I haven't replayed it.

  3. I tell people that my rates are reasonable. I don't have a number, no one has asked.

  4. Exactly, I'll tell friends that I'll help them for a fraction of what a PC repair shop would. Benefits us both.

  5. People justifying crime against anyone are fucken stupid. I reckon I’ve spoken to cops a total of 4 times in 40 years because I’m not a shady cunt who commits crime.

  6. Katherine's a shit hole, and yet it's one of the nicer places in the NT.

  7. As a teacher. Can confirm that there’s a lot of parents who think this

  8. As someone who works with teachers, I respect you mob but I do not envy you.

  9. IIRC there is at least one state that allows the family to refuse to accept a brain death diagnosis. There are absolutely scammers taking money from grieving families to transport their brain dead loved ones to that state. It requires monumental effort. They have to be transported via ambulance or air ambulance the entire way, have to have a medical team present the entire trip, etc. Even then they basically go into a hospice care home. Which IIRC has to be privately funded, because once you are declared dead, you have a death certificate issued and I don't think you can put the person on any kind of health insurance.

  10. What has the world come to. Have to ask if people are ok with you learning their language your joking right?

  11. Anecdotal evidence, but in my experience working out remote the teachers, nurses and cops who spoke the local language seemed to get more respect then those who didn't.

  12. People downvoting you most likely don't know what it's like living in the territory. I went to school with the type of kids that end up in Don Dale. The type that will bash the shit out of you for a cigarette without blinking an eye.

  13. It's like when everyone decided Dylan Voller was a good kid, we gotta ignore the fact that he raped an infant and bashed girls.

  14. I wouldn't even have been mad if he coasted to a decision, that was a banger

  15. It’d go something a little like this (depending on which accent you get out of us) Ohmah Plahdah

  16. Can confirm, I don't think I've heard a Territorian pronounce it any differently

  17. Yeah, usually if you’re honest during a regular old traffic stop the cops will let you go. Especially if you can make them laugh a little

  18. When I got pulled over for speeding the cop asked me "You realise you were going 71 in a residential zone mate?" I couldn't really argue so I said "I was rockin out to some music and only realised when I saw the sirens" he started pissin himself laughing then let me off with a small fine.

  19. That's the normal penalty for speeding. You didn't get away with anything. They don't arrest you.

  20. If by childish things you mean climbing trees it’s because I hurt everywhere

  21. Its great fun until you've fallen out a few times, my knees have never been the same

  22. Rose did too til suddenly she didn’t lol

  23. I had a friend not into MMA watch that card with me, I said "Rose always has bangers this will be great". He didn't stay for the main event lol

  24. but as these apps prove: you get to pay more, for the minor inconvenience of waiting longer, and having your food arrive cold! none of the convenience benefits, at a higher cost than just going there yourself!

  25. I priced up getting dinner from a local Chinese shop on their site and on Uber.

  26. I'm still rocking an S9 and I refuse to upgrade to a phone with no headphone jack. I'm not paying more money for less features.

  27. The first one was definitely a genocide.

  28. Wow, completely unexpected and surprising. Who could have seen this coming? /s

  29. Hotel at Devils Marbles is clean with very good food. A further 115 km south if Tennant Creek.

  30. Getting a coffee at Wauchope is like a ritual everytime I drive Alice to Darwin. It's not particularly great, but beats TC

  31. You may as well go mask off and start calling her a coconut then

  32. She chooses to be the person she is. Can’t fault the observers for descriptions of her behaviors.

  33. You're actually not wrong. Most authentic viet restaurants are filthy. The food is great but I hate the establishments of most of them. There are some nicer buildings in the new area, but those are more expensive and not always the best.

  34. This is how we'd decide where to get lunch in the city, find the sketchiest Asian restaurants with the fewest white people.

  35. Time to re-nationalise the entire energy sector. An essential service should never be in the hands of private, for-profit enterprises.

  36. In the NT we have one energy provider for households, every few years they bump the rates up 30% but surely that's just inflation right? /s

  37. 154 unread checking in. Just too many group chats, and random text notification for things I already know about.

  38. I used to be so pedantic about having all my messages marked as read, as I got older I realised I dont actually give a shit lol

  39. Where’s all the Oliveira fans saying Islam was gonna get ran through

  40. Islam is genuinely an ass match up for Charles. Dont get why everyone assumed it would be easy for no reason.

  41. Can any actual receptions verify this? Patients are way worse and are definitely the bigger problem than the physicians

  42. My partner has been a medical receptionist for a total of about 5 years, she's been called fat, a bitch, told she's responsible for people dying, had grown men try to intimidate her. That is just what comes to mind immediately. For less then $50k a year.

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