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  1. He’s pretty much been the only reason to watch this team. God damn is he fun, wish we could drop Beal and build around KP

  2. Weeping and sobbing at the fact that we're never getting Slice N Dice and the Moody Good collab especially

  3. I wish there was a full recording of the SL MG b2b at mission ballroom for that NSD anniversary party, two of my favorite artists 😭

  4. I love baseball and the Nats but I’m just sad almost all my favorite players are retired (Zimmerman), injured (Strasburg), were traded (Turner, Scherzer, Soto), or signed elsewhere (Rendon, Harper). Still happy we got that World Series though cuz flags fly forever. Hoping most of the prospects they got in those trades turn into good players so maybe we’re competitive again in a few years.

  5. LOVE the idea of trading down and nabbing Banks. He’s the most physically gifted corner in the draft. He’s a guy that can hold his own against the likes of AJB but has the speed and footwork to keep up with a guy like Lamb.

  6. That’s the idea scenario imo. Just need someone to fall that someone wants to trade up for

  7. Falcons are out. Commies are out. Jets are in on Rodgers. So uh, the colts maybe?

  8. This was on H Street. That is not a rough part of DC. It's one of the nicer, more built-up areas.

  9. Sell the farm to move up if we truly are a QB away, which if we’re picking in the mid teens should mean we are.

  10. I like Caleb, but it's going to be almost impossible to get him unless we are the worst team. Or hope a team like the Texans are the worst again.

  11. Penix and Drake Maye are both guys I like more than the prospects available this year.

  12. I thinks it’s going to be his Denver Vaultage set. He said it was going to be recorded and all the clips in this are from that Denver ballroom show. Or maybe the dominate VIP?

  13. This is it. He’s said in the past that the mission ballroom Vaultage set was being recorded and will be released as Vaultage 004

  14. Omg please all the drum and bass how about a stage dedicated to drum and bass/jungle for all three nights separate from the bass pod. Like they should make the rave hangar all dnb all weekend

  15. With how much more dnb edc got last year and the general increase in dnb events/bookings at festivals, I very well think we are going to get a dedicated dnb stage /hopium

  16. That's certainly an option. However, depending on how much you trust the front office, hitting on an RB in rounds 5-7 is gonna be cheaper than the vet minimum. Then you also have the chance for good development and upside. The Chiefs did it with Pacheco so it's always possible. The end goal is probably going to be less "find a RB3 and replace McKissic/Williams" and more "find the future RB1-2 once Gibson's contract is up".

  17. Bijan would be the luxury of all luxury picks. No question he would be a needle mover on offense. I just think the running back position is so devalued that picking one up at 16 seems like bad value. B.Rob and Gibson still pack a good 1-2 punch in the running game for right now, more pressing needs should probably looked at.

  18. I agree and hope that’s the case. Vegas doesn’t have us at highest odds for no reason, however - wanted to point that out.

  19. Seems that way. Not sure how I’d feel about bezos as an owner. On the plus side, money is no object to him so the future stadium would be awesome. On the down side, I think a billionaire who purchases as NFL team as a vanity project would constantly be meddling.

  20. Bezos built the biggest tech empire by knowing how to delegate. That shouldn’t be a concern at all

  21. Yeah but the difference is, he built his tech empire to make money. He wouldn’t be purchasing the team solely for that purpose. There are far better investments he could make with his money. He’d be purchasing the team for fun/vanity/status. (I’m not saying owning an NFL team isn’t profitable - obviously it is. But for someone of Bezos level of personal wealth, my concern is he’d view the team as his personal play thing. Josh Harris has a record of not getting too involved with his other teams, so he’d be far less likely to become another Snyder.

  22. Josh Harris wouldn’t give the team nearly as much prestige as Bezos would, not to mention that Bezos has the political pull to get us a stadium in DC again as well as the best stadium there is to offer. The choice is easy.

  23. Some of these comments are ridiculous lol. Regarding Bijan, 10 is probably on the early end of where I’d take him but I think it’s a fine pick if you like him like that. He’s probably a top 3 player in the class. Take the best players.

  24. The conundrum with him and elite RB prospects is that you basically have a 4 year window to take full advantage of his talents. Unlike a QB, he can’t single-handedly transform your team to a Super Bowl contender.

  25. Don’t be overdramatic, not HALF the team to make 50m.

  26. Great write up. Sound logic. That said, I think the top 2-3 OL and CB prospects will be gone. It sounds crazy and I’d hate the pick initially, but I could see Bijan. I think I read recently that Vegas has him to Washington at good odds. Best offensive player in the draft, though not a need position. Ron loves to run.

  27. Vegas has us at 3rd best odds to take him. That’s kinda crazy, but Vegas knows…

  28. LOL! I thought he was from South Carolina. Funny find

  29. Both Carolinas used to be extremely strong Skins territory. Still are a surprising amount of fans there too

  30. It’s a salary cap league, it doesn’t matter. Ask Jags fans how much all of Khan’s money meant over the years.

  31. It absolutely matters are you kidding? Look at our richpoor cheap as fuck owner

  32. The main problem with Snyder is that he’s a giant asshole. There’s poorer owners that have much better franchises.

  33. He isn’t liquid at all and has had to take out numerous loans just to stay afloat. Net worth doesn’t mean a thing if you have no liquidity

  34. Isn’t that more per year than Heinicke is getting in Atlanta?

  35. Not saying TH was great, but Brissets career numbers don't seem like anything to write home about either

  36. As usual, numbers don’t tell the whole story. Heinicke benefitted greatly from knowing the scheme. EB means new scheme

  37. Dallas will always dominate the conversation on that show. You have Massive Dallas hater, a massive Dallas homer, and I’m not sure who the guy on the right is, but he looks like a complete tool so I’ll just associate him with Dallas.

  38. Wow I’m honestly shocked by this. Not in a bad way, but I didn’t think he’d be getting a new contract from us

  39. We weren’t winning anything this past year, good line or not. This will prove fruitful this coming year

  40. Has there been more consensus on who we think they are? I really strongly feel like at least 2 of them are Rezz and Hooks from ZD

  41. Teams might consider Levis on a rookie contract + 2 firsts more valuable than Lamar on the biggest contract ever

  42. To be fair, if nobody is willing to give him that deal because they independently came to that conclusion, yeah, that’s fair enough.

  43. To become an instant super bowl contender. Seems like a good deal for the falcons

  44. Falcons would not be an instant Super Bowl contender lmao, they have so many critical holes on that roster

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