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  1. Is he right about the location? That honestly sounds like a good reason to nix it, but ya know, politicians.

  2. In a vacuum. Loudon would be a far better location out of the 3 options (Landover, Woodbridge, Loudon). But Snyder and what he’s done to the team is far worse of an issue than just the location

  3. Yeah I definitely get that, was just curious about the other part.

  4. The proposed location is on a stretch of I-95 that has horrible traffic all hours of the day, 365 days a year. It’s also way further time-wise and about the same physical distance from DC as Landover, and (depending on who you ask) not even in northern Virginia.

  5. Sunday I mixed 2CB, two tabs of acid, 200mg of mdma and a lott of ketamine.

  6. Is mixing that much shit even fun of that point? You did my almost my whole weekend in one night lmao

  7. Think of it like a burrito and each substance is a new ingredient. Rice, beans, chicken, pico de gallo. Everything together in the right amount makes it very enjoyable

  8. I mix stuff too but that’s pretty wild for all at once. More power to you if you can handle it 👍

  9. g jones, space laces b2b getter and Knock2 are probably my top 3

  10. I wish the sound wasn’t so ass at Basspod. You had to really get up close for it to sound nice, sounded like there was zero bass if you weren’t that close

  11. I think it's a Chris lake ID, Lake played it at EDC as well. I know walker and royce played it at Chella and Red Rocks

  12. This is definitely an ID with walker & royce. I think it’s the second of two fat Anti Up IDs that were played all over EDCLV this past weekend (the other being Chromatic out Friday), maybe their album is finally coming out this summer

  13. Half of djs that I saw were tech-house and I actually didn’t hear once “do it to it” or “love tonight” and I was happy with that.

  14. That Chris lake one is the new Anti Up song Chromatic w Chris lorenzo that’s coming out Friday

  15. TyTy. We need a real fucking point guard and the ball out of Beal’s hands for 19 seconds of the play clock

  16. Serious question. Do you think TyTy is an elite point guard? Or otherwise special in some way? I only watched 2 of their games and some highlights. I just don't see anything special there.

  17. Not particularly but I think he’s good enough that you have to take a flyer on him since PG is such a huge need

  18. If we give Beal the supermax we are up for another 5 years of this, so strap in

  19. 2017 wall was better than 2022 westbrook

  20. Agreed. Biased but 2017 Wall was incredible and played way better team basketball

  21. Mediocre pick for a mediocre team. Wonder if we’ll ever break this endless cycle

  22. That, Human by John Summit, Put Your Back in It by DJ Flex or there is a new Anti Up ID that I heard on tik tok that is insane

  23. Definitely the Anti Up ID. It’s coming out next Friday too I think, so should be getting lots of plays

  24. I hope it's Chuck, Ernie, and Kenny.

  25. It just means you’ll feel one less after taking the other than you would if you hadn’t taken the other first. Each gives tolerance to the other

  26. Isn't this called hippy flipping or Kandi flipping?

  27. No that’s something completely different than what I’m talking about.

  28. If we don't get 10 wins with this schedule that would be a damn shame

  29. I mean. This is stronger than me so who the fuck am I to give you advice. I’ve squatted 200kg twice in my whole life before I got old and hurt every 6 months. If I were you though, I’d try to focus on keeping your chest up and your upper back from rounding. What helped me when I had crazy rounding at max effort was lots of upper back accessory work. Weighted pull ups and rows for days. Translates well to the lifts.

  30. Honestly though, when you’re doing a true RPE 10 max out like this, your form is gonna break down.

  31. Is it healthier? Red meat is a lot more vitamin packed that chicken is. A lot of the new scientific evidence is leaning towards saying red meat is better for us although it’s far from conclusive

  32. The vitamins don’t outweigh how much fat and cholesterol is in red meat. And I say this as someone who fucking loves steak

  33. So that’s the thing there’s a lot more evidence that dietary fiber might not actually be bad for you. Fat also isn’t bad for you

  34. I’m not saying it can’t be part of a perfectly healthy diet, because it totally can be.

  35. Probably the same route. Like Carson Wentz buy a little bit worse

  36. A lot worse. RG3 was not even close to as good as a pocket passer, and Wentz isn’t exactly elite either

  37. Kenny probably had the epiphany that he was a bus rider for the Rockets and now he's a bus rider on the TNT crew and Chuck is driving... at this point Kenny's having a midlife crisis wondering if his wife is driving the bus of their marriage or if he's ever been the bus driver for literally anything in his life

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