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  1. Those with a woke agenda are the ones trying to destroy traditional values. Parents have the right to instill their values in children. The rainbow is a sign of Gods promise to Noah. You guys are the ones who have destroyed the sign of the rainbow. If rainsbows are about Gods mercy, then great. But you all KNOW that it has become about accepting homosexuality as valid. You made it that way. So don’t pretend that rainbows are about being nice to other people. It’s your agenda. Don’t complain and misrepresent yourselves when others don’t agree.

  2. It's fucking crazy that acceptance isn't a traditional value for you. Considering it's taught in the bible and all.

  3. I like the velvet Rhodes/electric piano plugin mixed with Mello-fi, they make a good combo.

  4. These are the same people who get offended around Christmas time whenever someone says "happy holidays."

  5. That's crazy because I've been to a few nude beaches in my life and afaik no assaults happened. Dicks and tits everywhere, but no assault.

  6. Some white progressive liberals are a little unhinged in their anti white narrative. They find racism in literally everything that bad people do, who happen to be white, thus ironically showing casual racism themselves. E.g. rather like the racist term "white trash" that Americans use as if it's acceptable to condemn a whole race to the behaviour of a poorly educated, impoverished sub culture.

  7. Yeah you're right we should bring the swastika back too. Sure the context is tainted with a history of genocide and murder, but it's a cool symbol and symbols stand on their own without real world context anyway.

  8. The 1967 United Nations Refugee Protocol expanded the 1951 Refugee Convention, which had originally limited the definition of “refugee” to people who had been displaced in Europe prior to 1951. The new Protocol expanded the responsibilities to all refugees from any part of the world and at any time, but still allowed nations to define for themselves how they would assess refugee status.

  9. Why do you keep using secondary sources, that incorrectly repeat the text of things? I linked to the exact 1967 UN Refugee document from the UN human affairs council website themselves.

  10. The "secondary source" states that the US signed into the 1967 protocol on the same day that your source does. I provided this source to give context, which is to say that the 1967 protocol removes the geological limitations in place.

  11. We're all going to die, it's the only sure thing. Might as well enjoy the time you have instead of worrying about it.

  12. Isn’t that capitalism? Competitor comes in at lower prices, forcing the others to drop prices or lose business. It’d be Socialism if the state took direct control of the private suppliers or forced a price fix through legislation.

  13. I started respecting myself more. I stopped drinking, started exercising, dieting, and trying to be more productive with my time. I bought a guitar and started learning again after 12 years of telling myself I'm "just not a creative person".

  14. The whole Eastern Europe defected to the West at the first opportunity they got. Without coups.

  15. You mean like during the fall of the Berlin wall? That doesn't really have anything to do with capitalism. They were escaping a war torn country and a regime that was clinging to power.

  16. And in the wake of WWII there were mass protests, riots, and strikes. It was an economic collapse for many countries in eastern Europe as a direct byproduct of WWII.

  17. People in this thread are just saying "lol what a whore" as though there isn't a long and extensive history of sexual coercion within the United States police.

  18. Here's this goober's acting reel from his failed acting career:

  19. I'm playing phonk and driving in the opposite direction

  20. I'm 30, but I recently started working out.

  21. An attractive and healthy couple bond over their mutual dislike of a misogynist piece of shit, then have healthy consensual sex.

  22. Ok, but.. why would anyone want people in drag reading books to kids? How is that appropriate or necessary?

  23. How is gendering the clothes relevant? They’re reading books to kids.

  24. Yeah idk why people think drag queens are giving full on burlesque shows to children, nobody wants that.

  25. Because the Pokemon community is the easiest community to sell the same pile of shit to for 20 years.

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