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  1. Does this mean I can claim my holiday back in my work expenses too?

  2. Was you ordered to go to the location by work, to conduct work business?

  3. You know we could remove their legal privileges, golden hats and sovereign grant and make them pay taxes rather than just asking them nicely?

  4. At which point they'd pay significantly less tax.

  5. Have you ever driven past an abandoned station and seen people on the platform?

  6. You need frost and kapkan in diamond? Lol? I used to be diamond years back before champ, started again a few weeks ago, and even around then kapkan and frost were very offmeta after plat, now theyre used? I get frost kinda, she has shield at least which is one of the best utility but her guns suck dick and frost mat is probably worse of a trap than thorns, maybe you know some crazy tricks? Idk, just seems like a bad choice of operator considering your level of play is currently diamond, even warden most likely outperforms frost when it comes to shield operators in higher mmrs.

  7. Console and PC are very different games - hence why i refer to Diamonds I play against mostly being cheaters.

  8. Yeah thats a good explanation, used to play on console as well during op health and even back then plat+ had mnk abusers so much so I quit and came back on pc after a year or so, definitely recommend, you can run siege on a pretty bad rig too.

  9. So the main thing that works for me currently is because Frost is not in the meta - I exploit that. Running suppressor means the gun is hard to identify, I also run specific routes that keeps me out of drone paths and default spots at the time those drones are likely to be in those areas - if I shoot them, it doesn't matter because of the sound.

  10. This might sound impressive, but remember the idea of this plan is Boris would still be in charge.

  11. I have experience moving priceless racecars and people would be surprised how companies/owners are comfortable with you being relatively rough with the vehicle as long as they understand you know what the important stuff is.

  12. I participate in the sport of robot combat, and pre pandemic would do STEM stuff in schools etc.

  13. Well I hope you never refer to any F1 team you support as "we"

  14. Am I wrong to think this means Alpine doesn't consider the W series to be competitive?

  15. I think it means they don't believe the current crop of W series to be competetive.

  16. Yeh to me the W series feels like a career dead end, which isn't something a developing driver would want to commit to unless they were struggling financially.

  17. I was always told 999 was chosen because it’s the hardest to dial incorrectly on a rotary phone because the 9 had the longest travel

  18. As far as I am aware, 0 was the number at the end of the dial and was free to use to access the operator.

  19. The three missing dates could be Cape Town, Paris and an American city (New York?)

  20. Feels a shame to go to some places and only do one race.

  21. i would think the new york circuit wont be suitable for gen 3, wouldnt be surprised if they have a race further south either on the west coast, texas or florida

  22. There's still a double race at London however, which is less suited.

  23. I am asking legally what can the police do and furthermore what could my neighbor do ?

  24. They can search your property, they can arrest you, and they can charge you for possession.

  25. This is why it always makes me laugh when people say the left invented cancel culture.

  26. In her case, there was literally only one person the comments could have related to, and I believe she later admitted they were directed at Depp

  27. Even the Brazilian local language experts are calling bullshit on this..

  28. Don’t be so heartless, one of them has dementia bad so that means her husband has a hell of a job looking after her, he hasn’t got time to be messing about sorting out the post, if it was me I’d be round there every time I got their post, and at the same time I’d be checking up on them to make sure they’re ok and if they need any shopping done or whatever.

  29. Well you can go and offer then if you like.

  30. They’re a poor old pair of pensioners, they won’t be here in 20 years.

  31. The Queens been a "poor pensioner" for the last 30+ years and still seems very intent on going.

  32. Isn’t this fixing the race?

  33. Segment from a 2021 podcast got uncovered and reposted by Canalsports where Piquet discusses the Silverstone incident last year.

  34. To me, even if we are to assume the term is considered acceptable in Brazil, the fact he referred to every other drive by name is the damning thing about it.

  35. There's apparently still a dog track near Romford.

  36. Let’s not rehabilitate her too much, she came in after Cameron to see Brexit through but was completely ineffective, then she added to that an embarrassing election result.

  37. Her problem was she wasn't hard enough to please the brexiteers, and wasn't soft enough to please the remainers.

  38. Just think if enough non-Tory MPs had backed her Brexit deal she could have fought off the more extreme Brexiteers and maintained power. No Johnson, no proroguing parliament, likely no partygate or other scandals on her watch too. Oh well.

  39. It was a genuinely better Brexit deal than the one we got is the sad thing.

  40. Thunderbird is one of the most under appreciated operators in the game right now.

  41. ReMars already happened. They may have pulled out, Skorpios confirmed they were an alternate so we know one bot withdrew. Considering Hypershock was at the event, I don't believe Witch Doctor was chosen as it would have been expensive to bring two east coast teams.

  42. Would be relatively cheap to bring Witch Doctor and Hypershock given they are in the same building.

  43. No, they just live really close to each other so it makes sense to do it.

  44. Let's hope if George gets into the lead again he has his wingman this time to help hold off the charging Red Bulls /s

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