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  1. the only problem being that getting suppliers to produce the parts needed for assembly is nearly impossible and theres no market for these bots yet. employers will keep using and abusing low wage workers who are cheaper and vastly more flexible. there are more factors playing into this that will make it take decades at least to actually come to fruition i think.

  2. I agree. The car runs on one motor. How many motors does a robot need to make all the hundreds of movements?

  3. Catholicism is surprisingly different throughout the world, and even in the US, despite having a central figure. I don’t know the beliefs for certain, but Latin American catholics may not have such staunch views as US and European catholics on abortion, or on similar gender/reproductive issues.

  4. If you have Netflix, watch a 2022 movie called Stu. Stars Mark Wahlburg, based on a tru story.

  5. Yet, as with all other groups, the younger folks don't vote as much, do they?

  6. I would like to buy her some tacos, pizza, and jerk chicken.

  7. And then there are some who say that, by definition, this person is not racist.

  8. They were fine for us. However the agents in RDU are usually the grumpiest I’ve ever met.

  9. Exactly. I spent over an hour in TSA precheck line yesterday at non peak travel time. It must be a total disaster at peak times. Seems like the staff doesn't know how to use the new scanners.

  10. A guest of mine went through in about 5 minutes (non precheck) at 6:30 pm on tuesday.

  11. Travel much, do you? Lol. But yes a great destination for sure.

  12. Ok, but did he even consider nuking it though? Bigly missed deal right there.

  13. The FBI recovered in its Mara lago search the sharpie Dump used to divert the hurricane. Biden refused to use that sharpie when offered by the FBI He knew where the sharpie was recovered from. Biden was not going to use anything that went in Dump's a hole.

  14. Biden should organize buses to bring into Florida new migrants to help clean up Florida after Ian.

  15. You can see Europe from parts of North Africa. Jk.

  16. I love how Stephanopoulos is so done with the BS.

  17. I love Pink Floyd. This moron just ruined me. Cancel all your tours. Quit already.

  18. Welcome to freedom to practice your religion.

  19. Exactly. It's not like people suddenly have internet again

  20. He will hand those to Iranians too. Just as he did in Ukraine.

  21. You do know that the US gov bought them and brought them to Iran? Elon didn't just hand them over

  22. Starlink satellites are in space. You need portable receivers on the ground. You can't connect directly to your phone at the moment. Don't think the US Government is involved at all in setting up clandestine ground receiver stations. You need cell towers or as in the case of Ukraine other very local reciever stations.

  23. That you dont pay taxes on your expenses has nothing to do with your profit - not one iota. Some Uber drivers have a hard time understanding that.

  24. That the IRS allows you to deduct 62.5 for each mile you drive is specifically for the expenses you incurred in generating your income. Some Uber drivers just don't understand that.

  25. What part of what i said are you taking issue with? I don't even understand what you are arguing.

  26. Some Uber drivers dont understand what they themselves write.

  27. Sipi Falls, one hour drive from Mbale.

  28. I am an Uber driver. I don't do UberEats. Sometime I go in some restaurants and see all the orders ready to be picked up. I don't see anyone checking to match pick up orders with people picking them up. So it might be easy to steal these by anyone else. Am I correct?

  29. Well a president just has to think it to reclassify them. That's what Dump did to declassify them. Right?

  30. There was going to be an update, once she got in, to add two stops. One to do the laundry, the other to drop the kids and stuff to grandma's before she headed out to the sweepstakes place. Glad you cancelled.

  31. almost time to cut them back for the winter.. Cutting them back helps keep the bad bugs from wintering over in the hostas..

  32. No need to cut them. This hot dry weather has done that already. They are done for the year. They will be back next year. Weaker. So feed them, water them well when they come back next spring.

  33. It’s mostly Somalians I’d wager. When the state tried to pump the brakes the organization accused the state of being racist.

  34. 'Look at me. Look at me. I am the Captain now'.

  35. I stopped doing stops on x a long time ago. I will however do stops on comfort. It's typically only 1 added stop and my tip ratio with comfort is like 75%.

  36. Riders have wizened up on this. X riders are switching to Comfort to continue getting accepted with stops. Just so you know.

  37. And I'm fine with that. As I said, they tip more often and they are typically quicker with the stop. Plus, the pay for comfort is much greater than for x, especially for short rides.

  38. I do zero stops only. Lesson learned: Go to an upscale neighborhood. Comfort ride. When I first looked and accepted, there was one stop. When I get there, I see three stops. Doors to the car were locked as usual. Guy already waiting at the curb. Roll down the window to say sorry, I am not doing three stops. Before I can even tell him that, he says: 'Ok if I smoke a joint in the car, I will roll down the window'? I rolled up the window and rolled away.

  39. You apparently haven’t met robotic engineers in their labs. They’re working on crazy shit.

  40. I am sure. Just not there yet. I drive a Tesla with FSD, for Uber. So know a thing or two about real life current situation regarding what is needed to displace humans.

  41. It’s crazy to think that just 15 years ago we didn’t have an iPhone and now most of America couldn’t live without one.

  42. Agreed. Like I said, we are not there, yet!

  43. Or anywhere in the US since there is no official language

  44. And what if there was an 'official' language anyways. No one is required to speak an 'offocial' language.

  45. Species is a strong word. Strain or variety is what these are.

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