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  1. Because the injuries are totally inconsistent with a fall.

  2. My friend, an owl has literally never attacked a human like that, and did not do it to Kathleen either. U clearly have absolute zero knowledge about owls. Them don’t just fly inside a house, viciously attack a woman, kill them, then get out of the house with only miniscule to none feathers in the house. The owl ”theory” is a theory made up by defense, and believed by people with zero understanding, experience or knowledge about animals in general and specifically birds.

  3. Uhhh... no. Owls definitely attack people. A cursory web search will show this.

  4. The physical evidence strongly supports the owl strike theory.

  5. The three minute owl story on the Netflix series claimed that there were owl feather fibers found in her hand. Is that accurate?

  6. Yes, there were microfeathers located on her:

  7. This hasn't happened to me yet, but I've seen posts like this here. Can the Board really sell players even with you taking responsibility for player acquisition ?

  8. Yes, it can happen. It's rare, but some clubs have boards that are highly financially motivated and will pounce on high payout opportunities.

  9. Your intent was fine, but the reality is that "you guys" is literally a male-centric phrase that is an example of a patriarchal society. It isn't your fault; you and everyone else has been exposed to it every day for your whole life.

  10. RAM is such a shit album. This is like the Grammys choosing best electronic album because it has Pharrell vs an actual electronic album.

  11. Dunking on someone's favorite album of all time in a music reddit is just... ugh.

  12. If I had only said "This is garbage" then, yes that would lame. I actually gave a reason why it was a bad choice.

  13. You said it is a "shit album" which was only given a Grammy because it features Pharrell.

  14. I ran cross country in school when I was a kid, and the soccer players that would join our team periodically made the transition seamlessly with little to no problem.

  15. ycnz says:

    Scored the same number of goals, too?

  16. Yeah, but their set piece delivery being already trained was the real bonus.

  17. I've seen this happen in business like 50,000 times. It is extremely believable to me, because often people in positions of authority can be completely clueless or fixated on the wrong things.

  18. Former waiter here; this is more common then people think and is pretty harmless.

  19. I just. Who thought that was funny. "Lol wouldn't it be great if we made ghost decorations and named them after the people we laid off because it's like they're dead to us?" the FUCK

  20. Feels very "shitty sales culture" to me. I've been in tech sales for 25+ years and could easily see this happening at bad places I've worked.

  21. Screams Advanced Playmaker to me. Vision, passing, teamwork, with decent long shots to boot. I'd let him become an assist machine and create chances everywhere.

  22. I believe she caught a ride with someone and was murdered.

  23. Brandon Lawson went missing in 2013 and his body was found in the woods nearby this year. Not a DUI but it is suspected he was on drugs. Not a direct comparison, but in some ways it's a very similar case to Maura's. His body was very close to where he went missing and wasn't found for over 9 years.

  24. I appreciate the note. The comparison is, IMHO, not the same. One, he was extremely messed up on drugs. Two, the location is totally different. Huge miles of empty expanse in TX is not the same as near a roadway in NH. Yes, it's the Whites, but there are way more people near where she disappeared.

  25. Robin Williams as Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning Vietnam. He absolutely shattered that movie. Trying to imagine it with someone else is pointless.

  26. The overall rating on your players is definitely not off the charts, so I think you can expect some losses regardless of tactic. Promotion seasons are tough.

  27. "No Barry, I #%#[email protected] CANT cross the damn ball to you... but if you just stfu about it, I'll send it your way from 80 yards vack on the break. Happy now?"

  28. So you're a thief who totally screws waitstaff... congratulations.

  29. And that, kids, is how Elvis came to be.

  30. Your judgement is fine. Pedophiles are adept at hiding their behavior because it is so universally reviled upon discovery. The "Finding Warhead" podcast talks about this; it's an investigative true crime podcast that discusses finding one of the worst purveyors of child abuse online.

  31. Easily one of the best and most under-watched TV shows of all time. It is utterly brilliant.

  32. Sorry, but I think less than 5% chance this is a suicide.

  33. A lot of peoples issue is they think a person in a heightened state of distress would be thinking rationally. The credit card fiasco could've pushed her over the edge and maybe she had an episode. That whole episode could've lasted a few hours and it would've been enough for her to go from her home to the track.

  34. Sorry, still not buying "the episode" thing. An episode of what? She has no history of mental illness, certainly nothing that explains this BS scenario.

  35. I always play with the sound on. Feels like it would lose something without the crowd.

  36. Dude, it's a sports sim... the player's uniforms have ads in them. The stadium names are corporate branded....

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