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  1. We started 10-13 and went 37-22 the rest of the way. Def could’ve been playing for that 3 or 4 seed if we started better. Hopefully we start next season in rhythm.

  2. he made adjustments , but all he can do design plays

  3. I’m not disagreeing that guys weren’t hitting shots, but there was never a rhythm to the offense. Look at the first quarter of game 6, the ball was moving, guys were getting into rhythm. Everyone was attacking the rim. Heat took that away, RJ got into foul trouble, we didn’t do anything to get our shooters going. We let Bam sit in the paint. The beginning of the second we played an all none shooting lineup and lost the lead. We were asking RJ to do what Brunson was doing and he couldn’t. That offense is not sustainable. It is very predictable and good coaches won’t have to work hard to figure it out. Spo figured it out except for Brunson. We never did anything to get Randle easy shots.

  4. in game 6 they got shots they just couldn’t make them .

  5. That last paragraph is my point and that is a coaching issue.

  6. The main reason? Not Randle’s shitty performance or RJ’s one field goal? Not Brunson’s crucial turnover in the last few mins? Thibs adjustments is last on that list of events. He should have left Brunson in all 48 but that’s maybe the only adjustment he could have made and Brunson was in foul trouble.

  7. No player should have to play 96 minutes in two games. That’s how these dudes get hurt. Thibs should have figured out a rotation that allows Brunson rest. Our whole offense should not have been carried by one guy. My biggest critique of Thibs is that the offense he ran was simple iso. That may work during the regular season but that ain’t going to fly in the play offs. Thibs has Doc Rivers ceiling but without 3 HOF.

  8. He should’ve brought Randle in to carry the offense during brunsons rest. You don’t let Bam run the floor with the rookies out there. It was an obvious mistake.

  9. Facts. Not the only reason we lost but also not the only decision to be critical of. I don’t even think we’d seen that lineup before. 100% one of your two best players need to be on the court at all times.

  10. They spent 10 minutes shitting in the Knicks. I hope we win this game just to shut these fools up.

  11. Let's be real, mainstream analysts have always clowned on the Knicks because it's easy to do. If we win tonight, go home and win again, it'll all be about how Miami folded. If we lose tonight, it'll be about how we didn't live up to the hype (even though we defied all expectations this season). We never get love, and that's just how it is, but we know what's up.

  12. Nah this was diff. This is in the middle of the game and they’re talking about funerals and dissing players personally. These guys are clowns.

  13. Did he actually say that ? ( I stepped away for halftime )

  14. That halftime was the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV. They spent 10 minutes talking about benching Randle, Knicks funeral, mr sensitive Barrett. SAS is garbage.

  15. They’re all bullshitting, we lost the lead when the bench came in. Randle is a +3 and they’re talking about benching this guy. What even is this? Didn’t comment on the heat at all even though they’re winning. Why are these people on tv?

  16. I was thinking the same thing. Why can’t he figure out to stagger the breaks of his two best players?

  17. But to say we got nothing left in the tank? We turned the ball over 19 times and gave up 29 points off turnovers, we only had 5 points off turnovers. We still have a lot left in the tank. If we stop turning the ball over and stop giving up offensive rebounds in the 4th, we won’t need to exhaust ourselves to force a game 7.

  18. I just think if we lose, it's because we gave everything we got last night. If our boys have an extra gear, I'm here for it!

  19. I don’t know man, dude looked a step slow. He’s def banged up whether he’s exaggerating it or not.

  20. No one predicted Knicks in 7 over Heat

  21. More of these posts seemingly throwing in the towel. Expectations change and I'm wanting them to win this series! Save these posts in case we lose.

  22. Tough loss man! But sounds like you got yourself a keeper!

  23. Tough loss but had a blast. Will have to discuss with my wife how much these tix were but that could wait.

  24. Glad to hear it man, a Knicks loss still beats going to see Beetlejuice on Broadway in my books.

  25. People are falling asleep on what he did in Dallas in the playoffs last year. He showed he’s built for this. Sky is the limit!

  26. Great read. TL;DR Barrett picking his shots better, Mitchell Robinson is a beast on the glass and we forced turnovers and scored our points in transition instead of in the half court.

  27. No one expected us to avoid the play in, let alone beat the Cavs 4-1 in the first round.

  28. House money so no pressure, but I genuinely believe we are a better team than the heat. Season has been a success but this is a winnable series.

  29. Yeah I agree, stylistically the bucks gave us fits all year. Randle’s situation makes me a little nervous. If he plays injured and struggles mentally it could hurt us, at the same time, his presence makes an impact out there. He draws double teams and can help get team mates good looks.

  30. We played like ass, and won in 5 because we never quit playing D. Cavs was a bad matchup for Randle but he has feasted on the Heat this season. If healthy, I see him being key to the series but we’re healthier than them. If we can keep Butler to his season averages and not let them go off from 3, we got this.

  31. He's gonna be eating it staring him in the ear from a foot away with a straight face

  32. Pulling a Lance Stephenson and blowing in his ear with Franks Red Hot Breath.

  33. Bro this is amazing. My man is really putting down a plate of wings during an interview.

  34. That block shifted the momentum back to us. If he doesn’t make that block, this game might’ve ended differently.

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