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  1. There is a “choice of” games website (

  2. Tiers were always my go to at Parks, esp the top floors where nobody usually would be. Gets kinda creepy late at night tho. I pulled many all nighters in there lol

  3. I did the same when in the first year of grad school. Seemed to work ..PhD in hand and 20+ years as faculty at ISU…

  4. IIRC belladonna dilates the pupils somewhat.

  5. The pupil dilation effect is linked to its name. Bella = pretty and Donna = lady in Italian. In Ancient Rome, women would take small doses of belladonna to dilate their pupils which was considered attractive at the time. Belladonna is also fairly toxic….

  6. This makes me super happy... I have really moved away from the "death and mayhem"/torture porn (Outlander, Game of Thrones... I'm looking at you... )

  7. Annoyingly, the article didn't include any examples, and I couldn't get decent results when searching.

  8. I think Morse code in knits and purls is a pretty on-point example …. And the needlework on silk strips

  9. I was gonna say "poor sponges!" but I think plants might actually feel more pain than sponges lol

  10. Ok. Gotta comment on your username… nuclear fire (pyro) plant (phyte)… that is impressively badass.

  11. Agreed. I was thinking The. And confused by the random o … divine makes way more sense

  12. A bit different from the shack, but is deeply hopeful and thoughtful about finding your fit… Becky Chambers

  13. Captured picture - gonna use it in class where we discuss fern reproduction (and other riveting stuff)...

  14. Micro 265 - Pandemics (2 credits, online)

  15. 3 Purple Hearts. So shot multiple times ?

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