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  1. Aww, yay! I’ve still got mine, along with the directions and the catalog from when I got it probably for Christmas way back when.

  2. The catalog is interesting. It really shows how dated the clothing was with the kids in it

  3. It’s not about the crime rate. These people who carry are very scared. The guns don’t actually make them feel better tho, because what they’re afraid of isn’t crime.

  4. I’ve got a Godzilla: King of the Monsters ‘54 and a MechaG (both with English titles) available for reasonable prices, if anyone is interested.

  5. They’ve noticed. They just haven’t cared maybe or they haven’t said anything.

  6. So now you have two and someone else doesn’t have one.

  7. I agree, these are all terrible, except for the matador look.

  8. Read IT last and just about to finish Skeleton Crew.

  9. Skeleton Crew is one of my fave collections of his!

  10. I mean, not as bold as the albums immediately before or after; True Blue or Like a Prayer. And the remixes weren’t too good either.

  11. Leave Buffy alone! It’s too popular now to remake. One of the best things about it then was that it was cultish and geeky. Literally the first person was Zendaya. She’s way too big a star. No to the whole cast and the idea.

  12. We don’t always need a moral. Just enjoy the show. Also, Tina isn’t a “loser”. She’s wonderful. I love who she is and who she’s becoming. And Louise is more relatable to actual people when she’s “declawed”. It’s not the 90s anymore. Not every comedy on tv should be about a family of assholes.

  13. Tinas the loser that made me avoid the show all for its first four years. Seeing her face in stores like hot topic convinced me the show wasn’t for me. The rest of the family eventually sucked me in and got me hooked. Early season Gene and Louise were inarguably better written.

  14. You can’t say something is inarguable when it’s all subjective.

  15. Part of that delay may be to prevent leaking details of the investigation that could harm the otherwise “fair” case the way the us justice system is supposed to work is that everyone gets a fair trial

  16. Don’t argue on behalf of the guilty. We get enough of that from the cops, the justice system, the corporate media, billionaires

  17. Bullshit. Pay your fucking employees. It’s not my job, as the diner to pay them, just like it’s not my job, as a shopper to ring myself up.

  18. Before I say anything, LEGO is supposed to be fun, sometimes a challenge. And the best part is you have something you can look at after the build. So you have to weigh any suggestion against the fun factor!

  19. I agree with this sentiment. Put it away for a while and bring it back out later, when you’re looking for something to do.

  20. I don’t think people think he’s morally right for doing this, it’s just a great scene that people like because angelus is fun to watch. Idk, maybe I’m wrong.

  21. It’s that a lot of people around here hate Xander, so whatever bad thing happens to him, they drip over.

  22. Wow. The comments on here. "Yeah, let's cheer for the murderer over an immature geek who wouldn't be able to defend himself cuz he's just a regular human. Awesome."

  23. It really gets ridiculous here most of the time. Super sad.

  24. Loved her from Born to Die-Lust For Life. After that, I kinda drifted off. Still buy her stuff but listen less.

  25. Oz is the obvious answer for anyone looking to date anyone else.

  26. Absolutely. That’s literally the only reason Firefly has a following.

  27. I never liked these scenes as a kid. I always found them to be depressing and annoying. Like Indy is this now? Old Indy was so bothersome and meddlesome and intrusive. We were always supposed to feel that way and then in the end of each episode, after he’d told his tale to whichever random stranger he was next to in this episode, it was supposed to be like “yeah! So don’t be ageist!” But like… I never was. He was just a random guy bothering people he didn’t know. And it was awkward. When these parts were left out of the DVDs, I was happy. Unfortunately, I don’t like the way they re-edited the show in other ways.

  28. They already had that kid who walked into the village in the beginning and just collapsed and died

  29. That he wasn’t insecure beforehand? It’s not like he could’ve made it happen.

  30. If you ask someone to marry you, then they check out suddenly at the alter cuz you're not ready, that's not exactly a great thing, it's embarrassing, heartbreaking and confusing to the other person that was so sure you'd be ready

  31. You just aren’t getting it. When he asked, he was ready. He was committed. He wasn’t scared. He wasn’t playing games.

  32. When the creators are ready and it’s no longer a creative endeavor for them.

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