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It's the same with every Album Cycle :D Enjoy it while you can, you will miss it when it's gone.

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  1. I know you’re not being a jerk, Mr F. 🤣 I do think he cut the lip though after the fact tbh dude. It sure appears that way from what I’ve seen.

  2. Just adding onto that, after doing my meet and greet it was very clear at least a good portion of it was cut away to just a small portion. It was noticeable as he talked ( I was looking for it though), not sure if it was cut after the fact or if it left the shop that way but by at least on the show I went to it was pretty noticeable from everyone I talked to.

  3. I can’t go into a lot of details, but he’s made physical threats. Said awful things. I was on good terms with him in 2007 but unfortunately not anymore.

  4. Id heard really positive things about the ghost fan community so it really took me by surprise just how gross people have been behaving in general here on this sub. Genuinely disappointing.

  5. I’ve dealt with more racism, pedophilia, and harassment in my 8 years of being a ghost fan than in any other fandom. Make no mistake, there’s a toxic side to this fandom. I’ve left 3 times and even had to be hospitalized for psychiatric care due to trauma from ghost fans. I don’t say this to make the fandom look bad, I just say this to make awareness. I never thought I’d be involved in a police investigation when I joined this fandom. It’s not all good and sometimes that toxic side will show

  6. Like literally what are you talking about. Police investigations? Pedophilia? This makes no sense without more details.

  7. If you were in ghost Facebook groups in 2020 you would be know. I can link you to the initial post with screenshots. But here’s a quick rundown, I was a moderator in a Facebook group “ghoul school” and the admin of said group was constantly hitting on underage girls, harassing the actress who played sister ( to the point where the band management took note), and was being an overall creep. He has a criminal record. And I, as a moderator was gettin messages from 17 year old girls asking why a 50 year old was talking about how hot they were. All screenshots were sent to police and there was an investigation. You can find a master post here… some photos were removed as they were part of the investigation and I didn’t want them public.

  8. I want to say it’s a hidden jab at the EX members because of the lawsuit maybe. Or maybe Papa C is just a massive ass, either way I love it

  9. It’s just Sir Tom Baker’s signature… it’s on all his jackets and clothes. It’s on mine

  10. The FUCK YOU in the jacket is sending me.

  11. If you go to the website of the maker of the jackets, you can find masks and other merch with that design if interested. The “ fuck you” is his signature

  12. Yes - Got the Fuck You on the inside of the jacket documented! I'm wondering what that is for.

  13. Those of us who’ve been here for every ghoul and papa change just watching everyone freak out like they do everytime:

  14. Am I going crazy or did Papa wear a different mask today? The hair looks different. It looks like the one in the Doom chapter.

  15. They take multiple on tour so it’s very possible

  16. I remember people complaining about secular haze being too pop, and then when Infest finally dropped people said they sold out. This happens every cycle. Don’t forget the people losing their minds over the Meliora ghouls. This is nothing new. It’s ok to love old ghost and it’s ok to love new ghost. The ghost of 2022 is a drastically different band than the ghost of 2012. That’s just a fact. I can understand people who really were drawn to the serious, creepy vibe not being down with modern ghost. That doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everyone else. Personally, I came in when papa II was frontman and to me I prefer that more subtle humor and darker image, but I also love the new look and feel and I think Impera may be my new fav album after opus. There’s nothing wrong with preferring a band’s earlier work or preferring a band’s newest work, as long as you let others enjoy what they want

  17. It’s one of my favorites. I got lucky. Right place, right time. As more people found out who played Nihil, it apparently became harder to get these… at least for free

  18. They are the same as the Metallica blacklist covers from last year right?

  19. Don't quote me on this, but I did hear around the ghost mask collection fanbase on Instagram that it could very well be an immortal mask like this

  20. You would be correct. It’s still a full head mask. Still silicone. And yes immortal is working on them. Signed, a fellow ghost silicone mask collector


  22. Everyone always hates on the new ghouls. Remember Meliora ghoul reveal? Everyone was hating on the suits… it happens

  23. I love them. I was not a fan of the prequelle ghouls. I love these ghouls

  24. Almost ten years to the day. Middle East Cambridge MA

  25. A fellow New England fan? I didn’t get to see them until 2013, but I was dying to go to this. My buddy went. I hear it was amazing

  26. Yeah papa is great, but these new ghoul costumes are awful

  27. The tour really hasn’t been selling well if you check the dates. I imagine part of it is us being in a covid wave right now

  28. I can only speak for my two shows, but they were far from sold out and I was questioning if they are ready for arenas

  29. I mean.. he said back in October they would play it on tour so I’m not sure why everyone is acting like the came out of nowhere. This was always the plan

  30. Do you think the studio version is going to be released soon? Since it has been played live, there is no need to not release it right?

  31. They played a few songs on the rats on the road tour that weren’t singles. Pro memoria, miasma…

  32. Is this a reshoot shot? The crewmember in the back is wearing a mask.

  33. They were all wearing masks due to the dust being blown around in the soundstage. I believe it was Finn who revealed that. He said something about their lungs being filled and all of the crew wearing masks

  34. Webster theater in Hartford CT Infestissumam Per Aspera ad Inferi Con Clavi Con Dio Prime Mover Elizabeth Secular Haze Body and Blood Stand by Him Death Knell Satan Prayer Genesis Year Zero Ritual Encore: Ghuleh/Zombie Queen Monstrance Clock

  35. Definitely Hayden. The crew were talking about him

  36. I remember him saying he wanted to do more pyro, but I don’t know if that’ll happen. We’ll have to see tonight. Definitely year zero and square hammer

  37. Papa Nihil died? I guess I don’t follow the “story” close enough

  38. Died onstage in Mexico in 2020 when papa iv was unveiled

  39. Latex won’t last and doesn’t have the realism. Definitely silicone like the masks as it mimics human skin and doesn’t rot

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