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  1. David Eddings was a English professor in the Dakotas and he and his wife ended up spending a year in prison each.

  2. Probably half the world would still do it today for a carton of smokes and a weekend pass to 6-Flags.

  3. The Stasi scientifically studied on the best ways to create informants. And it turned out that most people were not motivated by money or politics, what the most craved was the feeling of power and praise from their handlers. They'd literally start turning friends and family in for sweet-talk from a faceless bureaucrat.

  4. I would have laughed if the subject wasn't so tragic. The whole build-up, expert FBI investigator, an AI just for this, years scouring records.... How did you find him? Oh, Otto Frank left a note identifying his betrayer, we just read the note. Nobody wanted to identify him before because he was also Jewish.

  5. Is bitcoin mining popular in kosovo or something?

  6. North Kosovo is a bit of a special place because literally all public infrastructure there (well, the shambling shell of what's left of them after the war) are directly paid for by the governments of Serbia and Kosovo--also, collecting taxes in that place is basically next door to impossible.

  7. I'm surprised Nestle hasn't set up shop there and just siphoned all the water from there yet.

  8. The place is an ecological disaster zone because of the Trepca Mine complex.

  9. Um I looked at your profile and you have a lot of comments talking about being the Princess of Sheba. That's really not the same thing.

  10. At least it's not another one of those finding-cheap-plane-tickets businesses that are slightly worse than googling.

  11. I just think it's weird how nobody can enter the whitehouse. Biden keeps using this weird studio with a oval office mock up. I mean they've all used it. But Biden hasn't used the White House at all on television. Just the studio and the outside of the one on base they used for training secret service and shit.

  12. Or else someone provided pre-written “ballots” that people could take and deposit themselves, like an anti-campaign.

  13. Twice a year, the Athenian Assembly would vote on if they wanted to hold an ostracism, if the vote is yes, then there would be a two month long process to "decide on" who is to be ostracized.

  14. I wouldn’t willingly let my wife be kidnapped , raped and fed to dogs. Fuck it if I get killed

  15. The Husseins will genocide your entire extended family for even trying.

  16. Very easy to say but what is there to lose at the end. He would just do it to more and more people.

  17. Dude already committed multiple Genocides. There's lots to lose. Saddam does not escalate. He starts at an 11.

  18. 1991, also know as that year with the First Gulf War.

  19. Wait until you find out how much military the Chinese have amassed in the last 20 years and what they are capable of.

  20. It is always a bit ironic when Americans whine about other countries having big armies.

  21. A shithouse is an outback Australian term for an outdoor toilet.

  22. And to add, the average rural outhouse is simply a structure over a pit to protect the pooper from the weather when he goes to the toilet.

  23. No? What good would that serve? Personal opinion. Canadian police are trained fairly well and need to have bachelor's degrees. Relative to other professions, yes police make more, but we should be raising the others while freezing police pay. Do you think you'll solve the policing crisis by paying them less? I think the bigger issue is police shouldn't be a catch-all for emergency services

  24. Meanwhile, Ottawa Hospital is offering $220 per hour for doctors to go work as nurses to make up for the staffing shortfall.

  25. "I was beaten as a kid and I turned out fine!"

  26. Considering how this guy managed to drop so completely off the grid and hasn't been seen in 3 years, there is a non-zero chance that she murdered him and took the money.

  27. We also have a couple of nobility, lords of Canada, just like England’s. No one knows about them though. I think one of them is a former tv soap star actor.

  28. There's this entire chain of Baronets of Nova Scotia.

  29. Mofo drank the water that made the frogs gay, I assume?

  30. Always been a misleading phrase for many. People have a tendency to take the word "fittest" literally, as if it means always means physical prowess rather than just "better at adapting to circumstances."

  31. So we're just going to take their word for it that an anesthetic was what they were trying to discover, right?

  32. I mean, they already had all the cocaine and opium they could want in the Victorian Era.

  33. Before Chloroform, anesthesia was done with diethyl ether.

  34. First of all, this is hella worrying because medical students & physicians are not your typical bed side nurse. Half of them don’t even know how to insert an IV properly, because it’s typically nurses that set those things up. A hot mess, basically careful on the canal or whatever you’ve planning on doing for the rest of January, cuz emerg don’t have the staff to treat u asap, getting some med students tho 👏🏼

  35. Most doctors are fine with working with IVs.

  36. That's a complete speculation. Orion left and that's all that matters, the rest of the CR cast is fed up with people trying to theorycraft the reasons for his leaving.

  37. This is not the CritRole official sub, you don't have to dance around the issue to hide from the mods.

  38. G4 in its previous life hired a young Guru Larry too. Its always had a contingent of unknowns

  39. The most famous people G4 had was Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick before he got sober.

  40. Same thing with my dad 60 years ago being taught Russian in the U.S. Air Force. He knew every military term but couldn’t order lunch.

  41. I mean, it's not like the army hired him to order lunch.

  42. Alan Partridge: 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. What a great song. It really encapsulates the frustration of a Sunday, doesn't it? You wake up in the morning, you've got to read all the Sunday papers, the kids are running round, you've got to mow the lawn, wash the car, and you think "Sunday, bloody Sunday!".

  43. "'The Troubles in Northern Ireland.' What a bloody stupid phrase. What do they think two thousand people have died from? Stress?"

  44. That's why I support bringing back dueling, let the rich kill each other without dragging the underpaid underlings into it.

  45. Should we just rename this sub "The Rod Dreher Channel"?

  46. But also, it can be much easier to sway opinion of 12 juries who have minimal legal knowledge and no prior experience of cases compared to an experienced judge.

  47. And the history of jury nullification in America mostly revolved around them letting whites get away with murdering black people. e.g.

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