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Judge throws out Trump's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

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Joe Biden Goes 'Dark Brandon,’ Comes Out Fighting — The president has been on a run of major policy achievements and seems to be enjoying it.

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  1. This is the correct answer because even the ones who don't say they support The Big Lie still vote in lockstep with the rest of those traitorous pieces of shit 100% of the time.

  2. Knowing what he’s going to say and what he actually says might be two different things

  3. Yeah but if you depose him privately and then he testifies differently he can catch a perjury charge (assuming the DOJ is even capable of prosecuting that shit, perjury doesn't apply to republicans apparently).

  4. The Aspen Raid was worse than the Bowling Green Massacre, in my opinion.

  5. Another loss for possibly the biggest loser of them all.

  6. Do we know what group/individual actually has the record for most courtroom losses? He's gotta be up there, he's been abusing the judicial system his entire life.

  7. I requested 4 free tests when the program started. Can I request 12 more?

  8. You're not allowed to interact with other inmates in ADX florence

  9. Can someone please get him out hunting with Dick Cheney?

  10. Just get him out hunting. There's no way that moron doesn't shoot himself within 5 min of being handed a loaded weapon.

  11. Wonder how many of the red voters took one for the team GOP/COVID over the past two years? Dying kinda saps one's enthusiasm to race to the ballot box.

  12. Yeah and just wait until their gerrymandering margins don't hold because the deaths skew republican. If we can actually get people turned out to vote the GOP could very well be walking into a massacre this November and never see it coming.

  13. Not changing law. Changing executive branch policy. Which the Chief Executive absolutely has the power to do. Congress is not in charge of the Department of Education. There is no law passed by Congress stating that the Department of Education must collect student loan debt. Not sure where you got the impression that he's changing any law by doing his job and setting executive branch policy.

  14. Which is the president changing the law? That sure sounds like an action by SCOTUS.

  15. Why is everyone talking about the Bureau of Land Management and old TVs?

  16. You mean Magic The Gathering claimed that forest fires are a secret Jew space laser plot?

  17. Also they’ve cut their funding from christianists who were constantly fleeced for anti abortion cash.

  18. And I'm sure the sanctions on their favorite country/donor for invading Ukraine hasn't helped their cash flow much either.

  19. His voters like him because he does that shit. Conservatives want their representatives using their power to hurt those they dislike, that's a core part of their ideology. Pointing out Desantis sending a swat team to a Democrat's house only makes them like him more. There is no action a Republican politician can take that will hurt them with their base as long as they hurt the right people.

  20. This only works if everyone turns out. Don't get complacent, you HAVE to vote.

  21. I too want to conquer Middle-Earth as Saruman.

  22. Yeah what's the point of having all that money if you leave the country as a smoking crater?

  23. Unless Tubman and MLK did a spread in Penthouse that I'm unaware of, this is fucking insane.

  24. they're just really tiny people, like in night at the museum 2 with the tiny spartans and cowboys

  25. Every media outlet will cover every minute of it for some stupid reason. They write about how wrong it is, but then they’ll spread the misinformation.

  26. I actually think I look pretty sexy in a pair of dark briefs. But damn are they uncomfortable. Point is, I got a few pair ready.

  27. Had mine in March, I also found that using bags of frozen peas vs ice/ice packs worked a lot better since they are form fitting for your junk.

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