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  1. It reminds me a lot of a Colt 629 (XM-177E2), but with a flattop upper, non-select-fire, a folding stock adapter (by the looks of it) and obviously suppressed rather than the very distinct XM-177 moderator.

  2. Gotta love how all the Youtubers overhype the .500s recoil.. "OW! My hand!" First day I took my 4" .500 out to the range, I'd never shot anything above .44 Mag from a revolver. It HAS recoil, no doubt. But, everybody agreed, it's not like the internet makes it out to be. That was with the 700gr. Underwood...

  3. Assuming it comes back before the 13month mark lol. I’ve been told average is now 9months for Eforms when it was supposed to be 3

  4. Just wait till all those pistol brace F1s hit the AFT.

  5. Hi all, wanted to see if anyone else had an issue like this. Bought this last week, threw my scope on and went to the range to sight it in. Didn’t get ten shots in and the rail almost completely fell off. Took it home and went to torque the screws down and they all got to a point where they just kept turning! I threw some loctite blue on and I’m waiting to see how well it holds, but I would think that you should still be able to torque them to some extent right? Any other ideas of what I should do so this doesn’t happen again? TIA!

  6. Whatever spews from the mouths of this administration, those that follow them, or the mainstream media. 'Nuff said.

  7. Oh yeah it’s found many deer in it’s day! My father had a gunsmith get it ready for deer many many years ago.

  8. Common practice 'back in the day'. Still no less unfortunate. It's history destroyed.

  9. Or, you could pick up a set of originals by hopping onto gunbroker and typing "Remington Rand 1911 Grips".

  10. How thick are they? My hands fit relatively decent on a Glock 17 for comparison and I still have trouble with my .45

  11. I don't really know how to describe the thickness. I don't have a 1911 anymore (yes, that's a crime). It's a taller, fatter cartridge than the 9mil, obviously, however we're also talking single versus double stack.. it's not too terribly thick. At the same time, it's also not terribly thin either...

  12. This right here is a Wilkinson Arms 9mm Linda Carbine. My LGS thought I was nuts for wanting this sexy wench. He had quite a laugh when he realized I was legitimately serious about obtaining one.

  13. Everyones ragging on it but I guarantee, if theyre under $200 a stripped glock lower will stay sold out.

  14. Only for the ones who want the ambi bolt release, as well as the fanboys. Otherwise, AR is AR.

  15. im a lefty, are there any other ambi lowers out in the wild i can buy?

  16. Probably not many which aren't billet. You have some options, still, however. There is the PDQ lever, which requires cutting into your forged lower some to install. There is a BAD lever, which runs the bolt catch/release into the trigger guard area. And lastly, probably the best option for you.. They make left hand models of the AR-15.

  17. West. It's more reliable. 😆 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . That's sure to ruffle some feathers.

  18. I know right! I get it, we don't all grow up in a wilderness environment but I had no idea how many people were so scared of the camping. Hell, I'am more afraid on a freeway than any wilderness. So yeah, I was camping a few days ago and had an idea for a quick video.

  19. Not a camper myself. I'd like to be, but Florida is absolute dogshit for camping. Not even sure why this got recommended to me. HOWEVER, I'm going to point something out. People absolutely can get you. Don't think for a second that that car window means safety to any degree. A man who may happen upon you as you sleep, determined to do harm, rob you, or both, has every opportunity of doing so.

  20. Glock 20 SF I picked up a couple day ago. Not sure what I'm going to change on her yet...

  21. Ho-lee shit! Damn, I wish I could get my hands on one of those! A woman that has a love for the sport?

  22. I got to try one of these for the first time last weekend. It was chambered in .45 auto as well. They're neat. They're reliable. But, the main issue I had, was with every single shot, it felt like I was getting punched in the face by the comb of the stock. Keep in mind, I was also firing a .458 Win. Mag that day with no problems...It was annoying to me.

  23. Kind of looks like it wasn’t locked in and the carrier was slamming into it.

  24. I just tried to replicate that on one of my AR's. The charging handle binds and doesn't allow the carrier to get anywhere close to that area of it.

  25. Not sure of the company I got the charging handle from. Everything was oiled properly.

  26. Being cleaned and oiled or not would've had no effect on this. It could've left the factory damaged for all we know.

  27. The 601 price really isn’t that far off at all assuming it’s all 601 parts with a new production barrel.

  28. But, what's 601 about any of that? The barrel, upper receiver, and FSB, if all true 601, is worth something. Not $3,000. But, that's about it.

  29. I had my trust information put on the bottom of the mag well. The mag has to be out to see it, but you also have to find an engraver who is able to do it there.

  30. Okay, so you would be a good person to ask this, then, since I wasn't sure of the answer. If a lower receiver which has already got a serial number added by a manufacturer, you do not have to add one as the 'maker', obviously. But, what exactly is it you are adding with your engraving work? Is it the name and location of your trust?

  31. Naw, I can count, and was just messing with you. But since you wanna be dick about it, I for one, know what a row is, versus a column. Please think twice before commenting, let alone before clapping back at someone.

  32. You're right. I didn't realize you were messing with me, and I shouldn't have been a jerk about it. I'm sorry.

  33. Firearms are tools. It's new, and I get that, but if you actually use it? It's going to get much more wear than that..

  34. Eh, I'm a cheap date. Gunbroker is my go-to for most things, I'm somewhat ashamed to admit.

  35. I'm a total GB whore. Just this morning I had to pay for SEVEN handguards I won.

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