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  2. I'm pretty it was meant to mock Hollywood plaguing of pedophiles

  3. Based on info on Google, Kurodo is 5cm shorter than both the other 2.

  4. Michinaga's broken horn is pretty rad, tho it probably doesn't count

  5. The show is Hana Kimi, a majority of actors in this movie had played or would eventually go on to star in a Toei's Tokusatsu property. If you're a fan of jdrama, you'll know that this one's a classic.

  6. I do not condone violence, but I dont think you can talk it out with dumbass either-Nobuhiko Akizuki, probably.

  7. Revice trying not to show naked men challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


  9. I've always been impressed by Creation King model as it clearly took alot of time and skill to make. Not to mention, to make Black Sun stand on it, it has to have tough structure overall. So the fight between BS and CK even is just a guy beating a puppet, its still really interesting to look at as getting to see its maneuver (hands, mouthpiece), and its giant heart inside. The entire heart getting ripped out of the model like that requires alot of intricacy. This reminds me alot of 90s Toku movies directed by Keita Amemiya like Shin or Hakaider. Stuff like this is hard to come by these days.

  10. Oh, and Skyline media, a media company in Vietnam posted that they already had the right to release the movie a few days ago. This might be teasing that.

  11. I'm trying to post at least one thing Balck Sun related a week til 30/12 to pretend like its released weekly to somewhat keep up its hype (because it deserves it).

  12. If this were released weekly, you know Imma be jizzling to this scene since last friday.

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