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  1. Why were the Dunmer so powerful? I understand attacking what is basically a Empire the size of a imperial province is going to be a monumental task. But why does it take 3 other provinces worth armies to get them?

  2. I can’t say why they were so powerful mechanically, but lore-wise there are a few reasons why they can’t be conquered. #1, they are protected on all sides by natural barriers, and their environments are harsh and alien to the soldiers of the other provinces. #2, their relatively isolationist/xenophobic culture and the strong hegemony of the Great Houses make it easier to unify the population against outside invaders. #3, they were led and protected by literal “living gods” during this timeframe — individuals who were far more powerful than almost any (other) mortals. So it definitely makes sense for them to be nearly impossible to conquer.

  3. Really cool cosplay and really clever photo composition

  4. He’s extremely hypocritical, a narcissist, and can’t even go five minutes without finding something new to complain or rant about. How anyone finds him entertaining or even tolerable is beyond me.

  5. To be fair, I think a lot is being misunderstood here. I saw him say the “boycott” of Hogwarts Legacy was stupid; That he would play it in his own time, just not on stream so he doesn’t have to deal with complainers; and that the dumbasses who are harassing players of the game are “chirpers” who scour the internet for a safe space to chirp their complaints.

  6. This is a beautifully composed piece. Definitely one of my favorite portrayals of Keyleth. I love your art style!

  7. Imperial Knowledge is the only one who can sate my continuous hunger for systemic TES lore

  8. Reachmen and Br*tons don’t even consider themselves kin to one another.

  9. And yet the same could be said about N*rds and Giants

  10. Lorkhaj was neither Colovian nor Khajiit, for he was a God. It is said, however, that when he takes physical form, he appears as a Khajiit. This is his choice, and who are we to question it?

  11. Reigen gets a little more based every minute

  12. Borkagh the Steel Heart, an orc chief’s daughter, says that she will soon be “of age”. You pay pay her dowry and marry her. She doesn’t look young but the fact you can marry her says she must be at least 18 unless Todd is getting sus. She looks about 25.

  13. In medieval Europe, “of age” meant at the age to healthily have kids and support a family, and was about 20 years old during the high/late middle ages. I assume this is close to the definition used in the Elder Scrolls, given its high/late medieval Europe inspiration.

  14. iirc in Morrowind dropped items never despawn

  15. I just wish you could rotate objects in Morrowind. I remember there was a mod for that a bunch of years back, but it was the most clunky shit ever devised...

  16. I thought all dropped objects are rotated depending on the direction you’re facing when you drop them?

  17. Ah, yes. This is a natural phenomenon called tamrielization, by which all landmasses in all universes will converge to resemble Tamriel. This is why dommy mommy Elenwen wants to unmake the world — Tamriel is so naturally stable, it can exist without Mundus. The only unstable parts of the continent are its people.

  18. Very astute. Now you know that beautiful Summerset is the product of High Elf craftsmership alone. Even the unmaking of the world cannot separate this glorious land from the true successors of the Aldmer. It will be carried on to Aetherius in its ever-perfect state for the enjoyment of the et’Ada.

  19. In CK3 the birthrate is reduced to compensate for lower infant mortality. Canonically you’re having a bunch more kids but they’re dying very early on. It’s done like this so you’re not spammed with dead babies all the time and it helps with performance.

  20. Praise Auri-El, another banger from Reigen

  21. If I were at Bethesda and in charge of the checkbook, I would give these folks some funding so they could do a killer job and release sooner. I mean, I’m sure they will make money off this in an indirect way right?

  22. iirc Skyblivion requires you to have SkyrimSE and Oblivion installed on your computer already. It may be easy to get around, but there are bound to be some people who buy one or the other just to play the mod.

  23. Jokes aside this is actually cool art — anyone have the source?

  24. Alinori conflict is almost all internal politics in the lore.

  25. My thoughts exactly. Get some sweet sweet artifacts

  26. I have no idea how you spelled it previously, but “artefact” is the correct spelling in Britain.

  27. HYPE!! One thing I'm really loving about this cast of character we're getting is that they're so diverse which.. idk much about late 1800s Britain, but it's just cool to see.

  28. I don’t know the exact date of the game, but in the late 1800s Britain included as her subjects many people, most of whom were Indians (Africans + ethnic British made up the second and third largest population groups).

  29. All true, nothing wrong with what you are saying. But skyrims laws are skyrims laws. And skyrims laws state that if you challenge the high king and win then you are high king. Doesnt really matter if you dont agree with them.

  30. Skyrim’s laws don’t state that. The High King is always chosen by the Moot alone, nothing else.

  31. Canonically they have their own unique accents, not “English”/“American”/etc. So, if they wanted to represent the different accents, they would have to create custom accents for each voiced language in the game and then coach the VAs (high-effort), or they would have to hire actors with real accents corresponding to the fictional accents (just as anti-canon as the way they currently do it). The fact that the English-language accents in-game mostly swap randomly between American and English variants makes it clear to us that we aren’t hearing how they sound canonically — and that’s good imo. The player’s perspective will always be an abstraction of the canon lore, presented in a way that is easy to understand to us realworld-dwellers.

  32. I’m not 100% sure for all of them, but these are my best guesses:

  33. Wow people really think I'm saying it in a bad way

  34. I, for one, didn’t take your comment to be negative. It’s just that Dwarf Fortress is not set in “a medieval society”. I wouldn’t say it’s “surprisingly” remarkable for dwarves to live underground, for necromancers to raise the dead, or for dragons to breathe fire because I’m familiar with these concepts in fantasy. Likewise, discrimination based on sexuality is not common in fantasy settings AFAIK, so it’s not surprising that Dwarf Fortress doesn’t have it.

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