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  1. Blame whoever it is in charge of the money to buy them then.

  2. This could finish any number now, City look far too good and we look far too shit

  3. Good start lads, keep it tight after HT and all tha

  4. Well, we're not losing so that's exceeded my expectations

  5. Near enough the same as all the players last week, not really any point in another CAM from the Prem.

  6. The single biggest problem with leaks is this right here.

  7. How credible does everybody think that RM & MCFC will get JB over us? I’m hoping the Klopp factor is enough to push us over the edge.

  8. Klopp can suck him off all he wants, if FSG don’t pay the money he isn’t coming. Simple as that.

  9. Don’t even think any of us are surprised by the Ornstein news, at least we know now rather than getting to mid-August and wondering why we’re not getting him still

  10. Ay? At a quick glance, this is the best start to the promo all year.

  11. My guy, I'm the first to call out EA when they release shit content.

  12. He gets an extra +1 instead of a weak foot upgrade since he's 5*wf. Card gonna be saucey.

  13. That's what I said, he'll still be 91 rated with the +1 instead of 5* WF.

  14. And some supporters are too negative. It's easy to support a team when they're winning, but football is hard and spending money doesn't guarantee success. And nor should it. Success has to be earnt and we as fans have to be patient and understanding that not every season can be a success.

  15. There’s a difference between not a successful season and the most disappointing one in a generation. We literally finished 2nd, got to a CL final and won two cups last season, and this year we’re in mid March and have nothing to play for other than hoping we can string 10 games together and qualify.

  16. Most disappointing in a generation? Where were you two years ago?

  17. Yes. It’s a nice touch I guess but feels like they feel sorry for us which is infuriating

  18. Trent and Fab putting in their worst performances in a while and yet both played all 90, whereas Milner and Darwin who looked like somewhat capable footballers were hooked at first thought. 9 corners, couple free-kicks and how many crosses and barely any went within 15 yards of the penalty spot. Cheers for wasting our time and prolonging the pain at the end UEFA.

  19. Am I being harsh or does Trent just regularly forget that he's defending someone?

  20. Always happens when things aren't going our way. Been the worst player on the pitch all night.

  21. Let's take Milner off who was probably our best outfielder and keep on Fabinho who's been walked past 15 times.

  22. Every one of them ending up outside the box? Fucking joke

  23. Either 10 yards too far and over everyone or 10 yards too short and hits the first man

  24. Hot take, I'd like it if we scored 3 goals in the second half.

  25. If he was still here he'd be 32, probably played 50+ games for 5+ seasons and be no different to the midfielders we have now.

  26. EA really bringing Happy Hour packs back as a new feature.

  27. We’ve done it before. Who knows, today could go down in Liverpool history.

  28. Yeah but in different time zones he's been out longer. Lmao must've failed geography lad!

  29. Are people genuinely that stupid that they don't realise this is a troll acc?

  30. I'd love to see Firmino's heatmap because it felt like everytime he recieved the ball he was behind about 8 Liverpool players.

  31. Quite literally have no idea what to say. Klopp and the coaches are scared to take Mo off and in games like this it costs us.

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