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  1. I started on 15 mg and what I immediately noticed was the lack of static in my brain. I suddenly felt like there had been a dozen radios playing forever and now there was only one. But it certainly wasn't a miracle cure; I had an easier time organizing tasks and focusing, but it did nothing for my procrastination and lack of motivation.

  2. I'm more of a CBS kind of guy, I only know Chuck because he's that much of an idiot.

  3. If I'm looking to destress via tv, I'll check the guide and if any of the Brothers' shows are on, that's what I'm watching. Their ideas are great and they usually have interesting people on their shows, but really it's the humour and personality of the brothers themselves that is fun and destressing for me. They seem very much like some nerdy guys in the neighbourhood, personally I enjoy rooting for them.

  4. Dumb question. Who pays for the home renovation in this show? I’m assuming it was the person who made the nomination? But in many cases, the person who nominated is the spouse.. so it comes from the same account? Idk lol

  5. I'm guessing that Melissa McCarthy made some kind of deal with HGTV to do the makeovers for free. As executive producer, she's responsible for getting investors to back the show; normally, executive producers get a chunk of the profits as well. McCarthy probably waives that fee in favor of funding the renos. So, in short, the projects are funded by ad revenue.

  6. If voting made a difference it would be outlawed

  7. Voting does make a difference. That's why Republicans are working so hard to make sure that their supporters have an unfair advantage in it.

  8. If I go the extra mile, it means I'm using the navigation built into my SQ5, instead of Google on my phone.

  9. A joke meme properly used on Reddit that doesn't involve politics? Thank you.

  10. The teeth just start becoming like kindling and popping out. I'm sure it's not overly fun but it's developmental and their bodies are meant to do it. Whether it comes out with a bonding game of tug or comes out while eating or just whenever, it makes no difference. It's coming out.

  11. My pup just lost all his baby teeth in what seemed like a week, and suddenly his mouth is full of adult teeth! He looks like a toddler wearing a set of dentures now.

  12. The UCP's fuckery isn't the story here, it's the fact that Raj Sherman feels the need to remind everyone that he's a giant asshole by making a breathtakingly ass-hatted leap into the UCP leadership race. I mean holy living fuck, dude, as if people didn't already hate the Alberta Liberals enough. Wow.

  13. Wow, I want Applebees the best restaurant in the usa, I used to live in Chicago, their menu is unique, and the food was great, I hope Applebees expands

  14. The real question is why are there only 3 Taco Bell‘s in the city

  15. This is one of the truly pressing questions of our time. I was devastated when I found out the one nearest to me closed - I had a $50 gift card and I was ready to spend all of it just on my supper.

  16. Today I bought my first K-lytics report for my genre. I'm hoping g to dive into it this weekend and see if it can kick-start my sales. I have dozens of people (including a lot of authors) tell me the covers and blurbs are all great and yet sales are non-existent. Fingers crossed.

  17. You mean as opposed to the Americans who constantly post shit about how Europeans and Canadians are communists and that we couldn't possibly have a higher standard of living than Americans?

  18. Not sure what comprehensive insurance is, but I agree. We can’t get people to wash their feet, let alone put away a shopping cart so it doesn’t endanger anyone or their property, or give store workers a run for their money. Literally.

  19. Comprehensive insurance is what pays to fix the scraped dent left by a cart hitting your quarter panel.

  20. Wait, so is this saying that Ezra is very grim so he would spend time with him to become grim too or is it saying that Ezra is so annoying that being around him would put him in a bad mood?

  21. Fun fact; Colin Farrell didn't need any makeup for his role as Cobblepot. He just spent four hours before every scene hanging with your Trump-loving uncle.

  22. the stat that you get 40% increased chance of diabetes after a serious bout of Covid is insane, the health ramifications from this will last decades (and unlike Covid won’t be whined away with ‘personal freedom’ excuses)

  23. I was relatively healthy when I got H1N1 in 2010. It knocked me flat for three weeks, then I was weak as a kitten for three months after that. A couple months later, i was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 42, and I've been struggling to control it ever since. No medication has been able to get me to normal numbers in all that time.

  24. Okay, apparently I'm the real unpopular opinion here: I think it's hilarious. I've laughed out loud at it more times than I can count.

  25. And, of course, criminally high insurance rates, mostly due to the fact that regulations around building condominiums are horrifically lax. Our building was built by a Chinese numbered company that went out of business (ie: took the money and ran) a few years after the building was finished.

  26. Most building are done by numbered companies that are dissolved once the project is done. There are buildings in Panorama that were build by Cardel but under a sub company that they dissolved shortly after this avoiding liability later when there were problems.

  27. I have one of those in a different pattern and it makes me so happy and i get compliments on it every time i take it camping

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