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  1. I know I don't know much about socialism. But, I feel like this guy is going WAY too far with it, if they feel like using patreon is the MOST capitalist thing you can do as a creator......

  2. The point is to think of public transit as a necessity that commands the funding of a necessary service, not an amenity.

  3. Hell ya! Going off of some of the posts on here we do need better funding too improve the system with electors who will take it seriously. While I have no doubt there is already billions going into public transit and roads its a matter of how competent our leaders are using it to actually make it work.

  4. It needs to have a bit more reflection. Up the metallic slider in the principled shader and adjust the roughness slider until you have a subtly shiny but not mirror-like reflective surface. As well the texturing in general just doesn't work. You've slapped a scratched metal texture on the model but texture it just that, a texture slapped on with no regards as to the geometry of the mesh or how it would appear in reality. There are very noticeable seams at the edges of faces where the texture doesn't wrap, and the edges have no visible difference from the rest of the face beyond the meshes lighting.

  5. Thank you! I've always felt that when I use textures that I felt like i've just been slapping the teture onto the model and calling that done or good enough. I'll hunt down videos and look back on some of my previous models as well because I KNOW i've done better!

  6. Another thing I totally forgot to mention, texture maps texture maps texture maps. PBR on every material. Normal and roughness/metallic maps especially. These are just as imperative as the uv texturing and modeling itself. You can find plenty of free PBR material maps on sites such as FreePBR, and my favorite, AmbientCG(formerly cc0textures). also gives you 15 free downloads per day with no account and has hundreds of PBR material maps too.

  7. I love using I've been wanting to find new texture sites I will check out the sites you mentioned here.

  8. I'm under the impression that for the USA dropping the atomic bomb was a necessary evil because of how dogmatic the Japanese were during the war. Our government wanted to avoid a costly ground war and chose to drop the bombs on the Japanese as WW2 came to an end to finally end it.

  9. I get it....War is bad when it happens. But you gotta take a look at everything going on in a war. Idk much about Palistine or whats happening in Yemen. Should we have helped these groups? Probably! But this war in Ukraine is has a very obvious "Who Dunnit?!" vibe.

  10. Your point? Are people just not supposed to commute to work/business/family/shopping/etc.?

  11. We WILL win! Vote my bruddahs! Summon your demons! Your armies! Get your skeletons out of you closet and SPOOK THEM FUCK BOYS!

  12. What can we do to help the doctors and hospitals involved?

  13. Oh...Bring it on brother's! We! Shall rise like a Phoenix and be reborn!

  14. Comments like this really doesn't help the lefts cause if people are talking like this.

  15. Our White Queen!! Pay her the respects she deserves no matter who you like the most!

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