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  1. Maybe applaud when you feel like the movie is going peak or that some scenes do not have dialogue just to let the audience process or react.

  2. I’m pretty smart and quite introverted. I learned that introversion is actually a trait shared by most people with genius level IQs. I get insecure about many things about myself, but I fully embrace and am proud of being an introvert.

  3. Glad for you. I'd say it's kinda weird that in fact geniuses tend to be more introverted, but as far as I know there are no studies concluding that extraversion is linked to IQ.

  4. Not here to bash on introverts but I’d point out you can definitely reach out to them they can takes days to answer so it can be hard to hang out with them

  5. True. Maybe because they rest, (so there isn't much that can be done about that) or maybe because a telephone call is intrusive to them, in the last case they can get use to receiving and answering phone call by practicing, it then becomes easier for them

  6. My husband at the time choked me. I knew in the moment that I was going to die. I bite my nails so clawing at his hands didn’t work or pushing at him with my feet/legs. He’s got freakishly strong fingers and they were locked in. Reality got really blurry and at some point I just accepted it and began to pass out - which is when he let go. I pretended to be passed out even as he slapped me to wake me up. I got the petechia rash (burst blood vessels under the skin from lack of oxygen) the next day and had trouble swallowing/breathing for 2 weeks. Don’t know why I didn’t press charges or go to the hospital like I should have.

  7. We divorced. Nothing happened to him. It took a few years - we did counseling and tried to salvage the relationship, but I remained afraid of him. It became increasingly clear he was going to kill me and frame it as suicide (I have a history of depression) - but I couldn’t leave right away or else would have been accused of abandoning our 3 kids (whom he was not physically abusive toward but I remained in case he switched his focus to hurting them in my absence). There was no evidence of the abuse because except for a couple pictures a friend took of the petechiae, I never pursued legal action for the assault/attempted manslaughter. A lot of why I didn’t, I think, is he had me so convinced no one would believe me. It was my word against his and he had been very careful not to leave any paper trail or history of abuse or mental health issues - and he had a great job while I’d been a stay-at-home mom for years. He had effectively isolated me from my family/support system over the course of our 7-year relationship, and convinced them I was insane. During the divorce he gaslit the whole thing, claiming my mental health history (one suicide attempt before I knew him) was proof enough that I was unstable at best and a possible danger to our children at worst. *I have never had thoughts of harming my children, and my only thoughts to harm myself were before therapy and antidepressants that I’d started years and years before this incident

  8. Your ex husband might have some narcissistic personality disorder, he took advantage of your vulnerability. This experience sucks, I can only wish you recovery, hope therapists could help you with that.

  9. The whole album is just out of this world. I think I even prefer this to the Black Panther score.

  10. Tweet apart, there is something I like about the youth generation in high school and early college. They're very progressive and inclusive, they welcome everyone among their peers no matter if you're ugly or a nerd. Several years ago this shit did not exist. If you were a shy nerd bullies would come throwing rocks at you.

  11. I'd give it to the Indominus. The Spinosaurus took a few hit against one T-rex, if it was deliver by the I rex he would be dead. But the Indominus might get injured. I think this is a 60/40

  12. This ain't gonna be easy lmao. Agreeableness and creativity ? That's what I'd be careful about

  13. It doesn't summarise your personality. No test or system can do that. However, It's a good growth tool.

  14. The closest we have to do this is the Big five, you can take the online test under the name of IPIP

  15. Beyond the sub, this is humanity. This is human nature. This who we are.

  16. True. I used to be a bully when I was 12 just because some friends wanted to bully a guy.

  17. I know there has been discussion about this but in the first Jurassic Park, where when and why the fuck is there a cliff instead of the T-rex paddock ?

  18. Brought home my climbing harness from work to use as a sex swing for a tinder date

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