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My local Walmart sells buttplugs

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  1. He's giving me Charles Manson vibes.

  2. I thought it was take out dinner and then was horrified to see it was chicks...

  3. That would be horrifying if the chicks went to Jenelle but I think Chelsea actually has the proper upkeep for farm animals. And I am not a huge fan of her, but I do think she cares for them at least.

  4. You gotta log in on Website mode (not mobile) and it’s on a sidebar… I think? I have had my flair for years so been awhile 🗑

  5. I requested to have it! you don’t have to gift me gold I’ve been looking for a good flair forever and yours is my favorite 😂😂😂

  6. Leah is so beautiful. She looks just like Gary so it’s confusing my brain.

  7. You nailed it. She truly has his facial features but Leah can pull it off. She could rock the Belden Lineman Camp shirt and still be the cutest 😍

  8. What the French is that guy doing with the stick? That’s ridiculous, especially when they’re already down. He’s a piece of shit.

  9. I thought she was standing next to a water fountain or trash bin. That suitcase is fucking with me and I don’t appreciate it.

  10. Omg LOL that would have been epic during his coke days ⛄️

  11. Lol Came here to say this! “ I smoked so much shit I just fell asleep!” Said no dope head ever.

  12. I STILL cringe when she’s looking at the Polaroids in RZ Halloween and says “Oh my god…this is really sick…are you saying Michael did this?” 15 years and that shit still makes me second hand embarrassed LOL

  13. “ Alright Michael calm down, tomorrow everything will be better” 🥴

  14. Iconic moment. This was when they fist pump & frolicked until Deena’s hair was in knots. Two meatballs on the loose… Fiiiiiggguuuuueerrooooo! 🎶 🍝

  15. I love that he and Chi Chi are still bros till this day. They did an interview together recently and look great.

  16. Oh absolutely. Sinister had some funny lines! Also I think Daisy is wasted here lol

  17. She was so drunk/coked out the whole season! I hope she is doing better, poor thing has had a rough life.

  18. “ WOMEN AND CHILDREN ONLY!!!! Steady…Lower away!” 🛶

  19. He’s thinking “ glad I didn’t waste my time in the nacho line” 🤤

  20. Kacey Musgraves was one of the first I heard of doing this at her wedding a few years ago. She had like 1,000 pre rolls in little gift bags for her guests. It’s HIGH time for this to become a thing. ✌️

  21. Blondie 🎶 “ One way or another… I’m gonna getcha!” Vacuums, diapers, Trucks, febreeze, tampons, etc. 🥴

  22. His posture needs improvement but I think he was stiff because he was nervous with anxiety. It’s different shaking your dick at Chippendales vs dancing with a professionally trained partner being judged.

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